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fd2s Designs Integrated Flexible Wayfinding for MHealth Facility

The University of Minnesota Health’s new MHealth facility in Minneapolis was purpose-built for facility flexibility and patient convenience, which presented graphic design firm fd2s with a unique wayfinding challenge.

Amri Studio Helps Dayton Children’s Donor Wall Take Flight
Amri Studio Helps Dayton Children’s Donor Wall Take Flight
Pathways at  Allen Institute for Brain Science
Studio SC Creates Pathways at the Allen Institute for Brain Science

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The Design Cure: Applying Exhibit Design Expertise to Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, and Airports
The Design Cure—Applying Exhibit Design Expertise to Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, and Airports

People are craving experiences with greater value—experiences that offer a wider range of personal benefits and takeaways than were previously available when the purpose of many public places was more narrowly defined. In this blog, Lee H. Skolnick discusses what the emergence of “edutainment” venues means for exhibit design

SEGD Well: Supporting the Healing Mission

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DZNE German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases Signage System
DZNE Signage System
Fred Hutch Visitor Center
Fred Hutch Visitor Center
Texas Children’s Hospital Wayfinding
Texas Children’s Hospital Wayfinding
 TIN airship ronaldmcdonaldhouse (c) Fred Ernst
Experience Juliana Children’s Hospital

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Virginia Gehshan - Lessons from Healthcare Wayfinding: Human Factors + Building A User-centered Experience
Peter Dixon and Maria Tazi - Be Well

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Wayfinding Management;Models & Methods in Healthcare Environments

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Interior and Healthcare Wayfinding
EGD in Healthcare: Information Standards

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"The Real Cost of Lost Patients"
22 Miles Whitepaper "The Real Cost of Lost Patients"

22 Miles recently released a whitepaper entitled "The Real Cost of Lost Patients," that discusses the role of digital signage and wayfinding as a counter to lost staff time and the hundreds of thousands of verbal directions given each year at healthcare facilities. 

Download "The Real Cost of Lost Patients"

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital facility branded environment design by Kolar Design, photo by Joe Harrison, JH Photo.
Wayfinding Management—Models & Methods in Healthcare Environments

Recently, researcher and author Leslie Wolke of MapWell Studio completed a report entitled "Wayfinding Management: Models & Methods in Healthcare Environments" through a grant from the Sign Research Foundation. The five-member project Advisory Team included SEGD members Teresa Cox of APCO Signs, Anna Crider-Sharp of Two Twelve and Steven Stamper of fd2s.