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Graphic design uses visual media to communicate ideas. Its primary tools are type, image, space, color, and form, which are combined to communicate messages via visual media including print, television, and websites.

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Type on the Vertical (image: examples of increasingly difficult-to-read vertical text)
Type on the Vertical

Read Time: 3 minutes

Just about every designer has an opinion about typeset on the vertical. The thing is: you’d be hard pressed to find a statistical or empirical study that establishes the best way Latin type should be set when it’s flipped on its end.

 20 Questions with Lance Wyman, "Navigating Life" (image: portrait of Lance Wyman)
20 Questions with Lance Wyman, "Navigating Life"
The Vignelli Canon, published by Lars Müller Publishers (image: book cover)
The Vignelli Canon

Thoughts and Opinions

Lance Wyman’s Proposal for 1976 Bicentennial
Lance Wyman’s Proposal for 1976 Bicentennial

Read Time: 4.5 minutes

This book is a near reproduction of the one-off, leather-bound ‘sketchbook’ that Lance Wyman made to document his design process for the creation of a logo and identity design for the 1976 American Bicentennial celebrations to mark the creation of the USA as an independent republic.

Wayne Hunt's "Waynefinding"
Good-looking Bad Maps
Design To Go
Design To Go—Spain Part II

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New York Asian Film Festival
New York Asian Film Festival
OFFF Festival
OFFF Festival
BRUTAL: Views from Brazil's Concrete Utopia
BRUTAL: Views from Brazil's Concrete Utopia
En-Gulf - Ecopoetics of the Gulf and Bay
En-Gulf—Ecopoetics of the Gulf and Bay

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Alisa Wolfson - Everything All At Once
George Aye - Design for Social Change

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Carlo Giannasca, Frost*collective
Carlo Giannasca on Australian Design Radio

Read Time: <1 minute

Multi-award-winning graphic and three-dimensional environmental designer, Carlo Giannasca, is Australian Design Radio’s latest guest! 

GHD Releases Monograph 20/20
GHD Releases Monograph 20/20

Read Time: 1 minute

Recently released "20/20," published by Visual Profile Books, presents the work of celebrated New York-based, award-winning graphic design firm GHD Partners / Graham Hanson Design. This carefully-curated monograph showcases 20 of the firm's most important projects executed during GHD's first 20 years—from early work to recently completed projects—and illustrates GHD's ability to design enduring experiences that inspire the way people live and work.