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In experiential graphic design, digital technology refers to the means of creating, storing, processing, and displaying of electronic communications, stories, moving content, effects and added functionality in a built environment.

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Best Content of 2016 Graphic
SEGD's Best Content of 2016

2016 was a busy year for our members and followers, so you probably haven’t read or watched each and every one of the over 1,000 pieces of new content posted on over the last 12 months. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a top 20 list from all the articles, videos and content the website has to offer. Consider it your SEGD 2016 executive summary. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Image: Pack your bags! Xlab 2016 is next week.
Pack Your Bags—Xlab 2016 is Next Week!
U-505 Dive Trainer Interactive at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Thoughts and Opinions

Creative Destruction Part 10
The Need for Data Literacy

There are hundreds of thousands of new job opportunities unfilled because they require a higher level of STEM-related skills than what most job seekers possess. Along with science, technology, engineering and math, there is an under-recognized skill: data literacy.

Creative Destruction Part 09
The Mythology of Online Searches
Creative Destruction: Part 08
12 Strategic Predictions for 2017

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TING: Technology & Democracy
TING: Technology & Democracy
Eldheimar Volcano Museum Interactive Exhibits
Eldheimar Volcano Museum Interactive Exhibits
Learning to See
Learning to See
Wushang Zhongyan Mall International Cinema
Wushang Zhongyan Mall International Cinema

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Brad Baer - Incentives and Rewards
Wendy Fok - The 21st Century Maker

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The ideal way to learn from your desk. These courses consist of webinar and workshop materials delivered by SEGD.
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2017 SEGD Xplorer

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LHSA+DP JetBlue Junior Playspace
LHSA+DP JetBlue Junior

LHSA+DP recently completed a new aviation-themed interactive playspace for JjetBlue airlines. The interactive play space at JFK’s Terminal 5 is designed to delight and educate children from age 2 to 12 with hands-on and digital activities, keeping them engaged and entertained while waiting to board their flights.

Ideum's Interactive Dino Stomp
Ideum's Dino Stomp Interactives

Bringing new technology to a well-established museum can be a daunting task. As part of a larger initiative to deepen the presence of technology in their galleries, members of the board at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (FWMSH) decided that their DinoLab exhibition hall would be the right place to start. Ideum was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the team at FWMSH to design two new interactives for DinoLab.

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2017 SEGD Branded Environments
2017 SEGD Xplorer
2017 Xlab Conference