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The idea of design as a way of thinking has its origins in Herbert A. Simon’s 1969 book The Sciences of the Artificial. Simon noted that design can be thought of as the process of transforming existing conditions into preferred ones.

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Best Content of 2016 Graphic
SEGD's Best Content of 2016

2016 was a busy year for our members and followers, so you probably haven’t read or watched each and every one of the over 1,000 pieces of new content posted on segd.org over the last 12 months. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a top 20 list from all the articles, videos and content the website has to offer. Consider it your SEGD 2016 executive summary. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Design Thinking at the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle
Design Thinking at the 2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle
Urban Discovery Academy, San Diego
The Three R's Plus Design Thinking at San Diego's Urban Discovery Academy

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Post it notes ready for the SEGD 2016 Design Thinking Workshop in Seattle
How might Experiential Graphic Design Embrace Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is Becoming a Driver of Innovation

Besides spatial orientation, creating a sense of place and knowing what is there, what other problems or needs might the experiential graphic design community solve for users?

Infinite Scale's Office in Salt Lake City
The Design of your Business Part 2
User Research, Interaction, and Experience Design in 2015 SEGD Academic Journal

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2016 Design Thinking Workshop
2016 Design Thinking Workshop
 	Nils Wiberg - Design Thinking / Creative Thinking / Lateral Thinking
Nils Wiberg - Design Thinking / Creative Thinking / Lateral Thinking

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Design legend Lance Wyman will headline the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience.
Design Legend Lance Wyman to Headline 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami

SEGD Announces Educational Programming for 2017 Conference

Harbinger CEO Steve Williams Invests in Jacksonvile
Harbinger CEO Invests in His City's Future

Steve Williams, CEO of Harbinger (Jacksonville, Fla.) has a grand vision for his hometown and he’s investing in making it a reality. Williams believes in strategic private investment in some of the city’s best buildings, in the hopes of creating "the 21st century city of the South."