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Perhaps no other tool is more powerful for differentiating a product, a place, a company, an organization, or even an individual than what we have come to know as “brand.” It is a visual and psychological shorthand in a world full of choices: a way to guide, reassure, and engage an audience—and k

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Nike Test Stride Course by Leviathan
Leviathan Demos High Performance with Nike Test Stride

Nike was seeking a team to design and deliver an event bringing influencers and athletes together to test their latest batch of performance winter gear—and deliver Leviathan did—with an interactive motion-triggered urban test course.

Eric Heiman of Volume Inc. to Speak at BE Event
Eric Heiman of Volume Inc. Talks Site-Specific Branding
Poulin + Morris Revitalize Cornell Communications
Poulin + Morris Revitalize Cornell Communications

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Why Experiential Design is More Important than Ever
Why Experiential Design is More Important than Ever


By, Tucker Trotter, President and CEO of Dimensional Innovations

Experiential design is nothing new. In fact, the art of combining interactive storytelling with environmental design to engage an audience has been done exceptionally well by several brands and organizations. So why all the recent buzz? Why are advertising agencies and consulting firms suddenly throwing it around as the latest trend?

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Deloitte Canada
Deloitte Canada
Designing Awareness with Placemaking, Goodman
Designing Awareness with Placemaking for Goodman
Oxford Brookes University Wayfinding
Oxford Brookes University Wayfinding
Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge
Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge

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Be Playful + Entertained + Sold Dialogues
State of Be + Be(ing) a City Dialogue

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The Total Package: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Package Design that Benefits Consumer Experience and Brand Perception

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Brightline Rockwell Group
Launch of Brightline’s First Phase Approaches

All Aboard Florida is the first privately owned, operated and financed express intercity passenger rail project in the United States. The 235-mile network of rail lines connects stations in Miami and Orlando with additional hubs in West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. All Aboard Florida’s new train fleet, "Brightline," not only connects these key cities, it also connects people, communities, and cultures.

Selbert Perkins Design at the Waterside District Norfolk, Virginia.
SPD Creates New Brand Experience for Waterside District

Selbert Perkins Design recently collaborated with The Cordish Companies to create the new Brand Identity and Branded Environment for The Waterside District in Norfolk, Virginia.

The $40 million mixed-use development re-imagines the former Waterside Festival Marketplace, with an iconic new vision as the community’s entertainment hub. The Market, a 30,000 s.f. dining and entertainment plaza, includes a unique collection of local restaurants including Starr Hill, Luk Fu, and Guy Fieri’s steakhouse.