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Perhaps no other tool is more powerful for differentiating a product, a place, a company, an organization, or even an individual than what we have come to know as “brand.” It is a visual and psychological shorthand in a world full of choices: a way to guide, reassure, and engage an audience—and k

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Eric Heiman of Volume Inc. to Speak at BE Event
Eric Heiman of Volume Inc. Talks Site-Specific Branding

We caught up with Eric Heiman, creative director and partner at Volume Inc. (San Francisco) and asked a few choice questions about design and site-specific branding—the focus of his upcoming session on March 28 at SEGD Branded Environments in Las Vegas.

Poulin + Morris Revitalize Cornell Communications
Poulin + Morris Revitalize Cornell Communications
Photo of CoolMess, NYC
Gensler New York—Making a CoolMess

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Oxford Brookes University Wayfinding
Oxford Brookes University Wayfinding
Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge
Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge
Platform Summit 2014
Platform Summit 2014
Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine Dog Signage
Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine Dog Signage

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Dawn Hancock - Bike Brand -The Divvy Story
Joe Zenas - Be Entertained

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The Total Package: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Package Design that Benefits Consumer Experience and Brand Perception

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Identity, Brand, and Experience Design: Research and Strategy

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LHSA+DP JetBlue Junior Playspace
LHSA+DP JetBlue Junior

LHSA+DP recently completed a new aviation-themed interactive playspace for JjetBlue airlines. The interactive play space at JFK’s Terminal 5 is designed to delight and educate children from age 2 to 12 with hands-on and digital activities, keeping them engaged and entertained while waiting to board their flights.

Calgary Co-op Brand Design
Calgary Co-op Branding and Store Design by Shikatani Lacroix

Calgary Co-op was the first supermarket located in the region and now boasts more than 440,000 members.