Experience VR Design with Refik Anadol at Xplorer, July 14

Infinity Room (above) is representative of media artist Refik Anadol's immersive installation approach in virtual reality, exploring the space among digital and physical entities.

Explore Infinity Room and others of Anadol's works, and if they inspire you to learn how he creates his visually stunning technological relationship between media arts and architecture...if you are inspired to learn how to design through virtual reality technology yourself…then come to Anadol's session at the 2016 SEGD Xplorer Digital Foundations Bootcamp July 14 in Los Angeles. This one day immersion session will teach you fundamental skills for creating and managing technology for your own experiential design projects.

A part of Anadol's ongoing temporary immersive environment experiments, Infinity Room is a research on a viewer's immersion in audio/visual installations. The participant's "state of consciousness" says Anadol, "is transformed by being surrounded in an engrossing environment. It creates a perception of being present in a non-physical world."

Infinity Room transforms the conventional flat cinema projection screen into a three-dimensional kinetic and architectonic space of visualization. 

Anadol's poetic digital installations have been seen covering Walt Disney Concert Hall, at the Hammer Museum, at the Ars Electronica Festival and around the world. He has received prestigious design awards including Microsoft Research’s Best Vision Awards and UCLA Art+Architecture Moss Awards as well as a Honor Award in the 2016 SEGD Global Design Awards for his public art project for the 350 Mission Building in San Francisco, Virtual Depictions. He is also a lecturer in UCLA’s Department of Design Media Arts.

Anadol's session at the Xplorer Bootcamp July 14 will explore the new tools and new design thinking that underlie his goal to create a new kind of public art installation—one in which media, computational techniques and architecture co-exist to create a new hybrid of media arts and architecture in the 21st century—Mediatecture. You'll understand the fundamentals of virtual reality technologies and the possibility for use in creating digital narrative experiences, and explore how VR technologies such as Oculus and Vive can provide a platform for experiencing and understanding dynamic and non-linear content.

Other Xplorer Digital Foundations Bootcamp session leaders include Lauren Kelly Sheridan of Mustard Square/SenovvA, Jeff Grantz of Materials & Methods and Paul Anderson of SenovvA; their sessions will explore designing with code, 3d mapping for physical spaces and developing original media with live and generative sources respectively. Add a morning networking session, lunch in the LA Arts District, and an evening reception hosted by the SEGD LA Chapter and July 14th's Xplorer Bootcamp will change your practice reality together with your knowledge of virtual reality in experiential graphic design. 

Don't miss Xplorer Bootcamp in LA, July 14, 2016—register now!


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