Exhibition & Experience Design Primer

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What you will Learn:
This course explores the Pine and Gilmore Experience economy idea in the context of design and what it might mean for the future design of place. Specifically it asks what is a "designed experience"? It discusses 4 different approaches/methodologies to experience design.

4 Approaches to Experience Design:
•Experience Analysis, the IDEO approach to experience design. The link between industrial design and placemaking. Design for Behavior and time, not just for object or place
•Experience maps and other tools. Employing user analysis to understand how different groups experience a place
•Linking Wayfinding and placemaking - Wayne Hunt
•Exhibition design - environments that communicate. The historical development of museums and present trends and directions

Course Materials:
•One Audio file and 1 PDF presentation and 2 PDF reports

•Approximately 58:00 minutes

•Lois Holzman, Director, the East Side Institute
•Angela Matthews, Littlefish Design
•Douglas Balder, Balder Architecture


First presented 7 August, 2007

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