Event Recap - Signs, Community Leadership and Urban Landmark Innovation

On November 14th SEGD Boston enjoyed a great event in center of the world's “Most innovative square mile” right here in Kendall Square. The goal of the event was to discuss community development and neighborhood placemaking through wayfinding, architectural elements and environmental graphics. 

Alana Olsen Westwater from the Kendall Square Association discussed the framework of how community stakeholders join forces to celebrate a neighborhood's uniqueness through cultural events, learning opportunities and design.

Anthony Clayton, of Bluebird Graphic Solutions, discussed several recent projects that have begun to enhance wayfinding and introduce landmarks in Kendall Square. He emphasized the important of creativity in fabrication, engineering and construction when introducing new elements into existing conditions. 

Eric Koslow, of Direct Embed, shared large format solutions relative to murals, screens etc. that not only provide decorative features in unexpected places, but also provide the durability and longetvity required in exterior public settings. 


- Contributed by: Kayte Muse, SEGD Boston Co-Chair

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