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Evan Bethel brings a diverse skillset and level of experience to the team at ArtHouse Design. His refined understanding of typography, coupled with his unique approach to conceptualizing design problems, helps him not only exceed client expectations, but his own, as well. Evan is well-versed in everything from web and print design to letterpress and photography, and his knowledge of the design industry is extensive. Evan is fascinated by sacred geometry and the relationship between design, music and emotion. Through experimentation with these ideas in his own work, Evan has developed a unique proclivity for design that makes people think twice.

Evan’s attitude that ‘acceptable is not enough’ makes him an excellent addition to ArtHouse, where his constant effort to think differently and approach projects with thoughtfulness is vital. Evan’s experience with layout and production techniques allows him to be well-versed in fabrication techniques and procedures. He is constantly sketching and creating word associations to conceptualize ideas and help guarantee that the final product is truly exceptional.

Evan Bethel holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication Design, with an emphasis in 3-D Design and a minor in Photo Illustration, from Kent State University in Kent, OH.

Evan Bethel is originally from Pittsburgh and is an avid outdoorsman who loves anything he can do in the mountains, such as hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking and climbing. Evan also enjoys bringing his 35mm camera with him whenever he can, especially while enjoying his free time in the Rockies.

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