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In a wide world of wayfinding, we’re guiding people

“Wayfinding and orientation form integral parts of people’s daily lives. We have to find our way through cities, through buildings, along streets and highways, using public transportation etc.. Many times the environment to be navigated is unfamiliar: People are there for the first time and to find a goal without a previously acquired mental map. They depend on external information or knowledge in the world. Such knowledge resides in the environment and is communicated through signs, guidance systems and architectural clues.”

For more then 50 years Eurorouting is a specialist in the design and implementation of information in the environment, to guide people to destinations, effective, secure and pleasant.

Eurorouting provides integrative solutions for Wayfinding. We are unique through the combination of knowledge and experience in the fields of technology, design and principles of wayfinding in one organisation. In this way we believe that we can offer our clients truly added value, as good wayfinding conditions are vital for complex public organisations. We help as consultants, designers and full service providers.

We believe strongly in cooperative working to achieve results, in the right harmony and with pleasure. Despite the fact that principles of wayfinding behaviour are universal, solutions differ per project. Scale, complexity, architecture, design, functionality, experience, security, etc.. always are different. The continuous interaction between people behaviour and all other factors demands an open mind, analytical capabilities and creativity. Always open for new solutions. Working together also means paying respect, to society, to architecture, to clients and especially s for all those people who have to guided in unfamiliar and familiar environments.

Every project is different! This demands for a flexible and clever approach. The people of Eurorouting can do that, working on the base of individual knowledge in changing teams, With collegue’s and clients. Their attitude is authentic, proactive and innovative, without prejudice. The unifying thread is the dynamics and the taking responsibility for quality solutions, integer and involved.

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