ESI Design Renovates Portland’s Historic Power + Light Building

ESI Design Renovates Portland’s Historic Power + Light Building

Oregon’s Public Service Building, built in 1928, was designed by renowned West Coast architect A.E. Doyle. The building was once the home of Portland’s main power station and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was recently renovated by ESI Design (New York) for the building’s owner, real estate investment firm Beacon Capital.

To reflect the building’s transformation while paying homage to its origins, Beacon renamed it the Power + Light Building and ESI created a new visual identity for the building. The new logo features a custom typeface inspired by the Italian Renaissance-style building and a positive/negative motif, inspired by electricity.

Taking a similar philosophical approach used to create experiences for museums, cultural institutions and other public spaces, ESI Design seamlessly incorporated the building’s unique history and new identity into all facets of the renovation to tell the story of the building in a vibrant new way.

Highlights of the renovation include a grand entrance, complemented by custom furnishings, rugs, fixtures and accent walls. Throughout, an abstract pattern of connected electrical circuits tie the identity to the environment.

This project is part of a unique and long-term collaboration between Beacon and ESI Design to put historic buildings back on the map as sought-after office spaces and to significantly increase occupancy rates. 

CRĒO Industrial Arts was the fabricator on the project.

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