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EOS Light Panel Systems is an award-winning, leading integrator of LED lighting solutions for Commercial, Retail, Municipality, Hospitality and Luxury Residence Applications, both Internationally and throughout the United States, with clients such as Internationally recognized brands and major celebrities. EOS Light Panel Systems is a trendsetter of sustainable, eco-friendly solutions and has blazed the paths necessary to bring LED lighting to the mainstream market around the globe.

Our passion combined with our ability to source the finest LED Lighting Systems on a global level, has ensured EOS Light Panel Systems to be an industry leader in the emerging Green Global Economy. With high profile, nationally awarded projects and reach based from our offices located in Los Angeles, California, EOS has leveraged its strategic ability to reach the most influential and notable clients in the United States.

Coupled with the right manufacturing strategic partnerships for the highest quality and cutting edge LED Lighting providers, EOS has the recognition and the name to become a driving force of change in the way we illuminate our lives.

When designing and renovating for the future, cutting edge technology is the name of the game. You want to move forward, not back. Not innovating means diminishing returns. At EOS Light Panel Systems, owned and operated in the United States, we believe that taking care of the soil beneath our feet and the quality of air in our lungs is just as important as the quality of light that enters our eyes. LED technology is the means by which we can do our part to fulfill our passion and vision for a brighter future.

Our LED Light Panel Systems work by utilizing state of the art manufacturing with best-in-class quality assurance. This means no dark spots and even lighting coverage throughout the panel. Our LED light panel systems can be mounted either via recessed or mounted with frames, which are fully customizable. Our light panel systems are mounted in a custom heat sink which guarantees the LEDs do not overheat and last a lifetime.

Our LED products were designed with sustainability and reliability in mind. Each lasting 50,000+ hours, they come with a 3 year warranty, covering manufacturer defects. With each LED product ordered, you can rest assured knowing that it has been built with the integrity of our engineers and designers behind it. To learn more about the warranty and the advantages of the LED light panel technology, see the links on the left.


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