Environments and Experience Design for Retail and Campuses

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What you will Learn
Learn how brand and experience design methodologies are being applied in our design culture and broadening the scope of Environmental Graphic Design. This workshop is for environmental graphic designers, interiors designers, architects, and business strategists with a strong interest in discussing strategy and its effect on design practice. Starting with an in-depth analysis of brand environment strategy for retail and institutions, the workshop will delve into experience design strategy and its effect on architectural and environmental graphic design programs.


  • Introduction (Audio Only)
  • Branding and Identity Strategy for Environments and Institutions | Melissa Day, Kolar Design
  • Developing a Branded Environment Identity: Caterpillar Visitor Center (CVC) | Joe Maude, The Maude Group
  • Developing a Branded Environment Identity: IKEA North American Headquarters | Bill Krebs, Cathers & Associates
  • Experience Design in Environmental Graphic Design, Transportation, Universities, and Institutions | Mark Shinn, Genslerf
  • Digital Environments and Experience Design
  • The Architectural Interactive Environment | Bill Phillips, East Coast (Audio Only)
  • The Interactive Brand Environment | Rebecca Walt, Reflect Systems
  • Reconciling Architecture, Exhibition and Experience | Ammar Eloueini, digit-all
  • Brand, Experience, and Community | Samar Hachaime, Perkins + Will; Craig Berger, SEGD


Course Materials

  • 9 PDF presentation Files and 15 audio files



  • Approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes of audio presentations




  • Melissa Day, Kolar Design
  • Joe Maude, The Maude Group
  • Bill Krebs, Cathers & Associates
  • Mark Shinn, Gensler
  • Bill Phillips, East Coast
  • Rebecca Walt, Reflect Systems
  • Ammar Eloueini, digit-all
  • Samar Hachaime, Perkins + Will
  • Craig Berger, SEGD


Workshop Presented March 2, 2007

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