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We've chosen our top 10 summer architecture and design exhibitions from around the world.

More than 3 in 4 millennials (78%) would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event over buying something desirable.

Audiences want technology — especially at museums, a 2017 Culture Track report shows

Think of it as Material Design for data visualization.

Long before the days of radio (and those convenient little smartphone applications), the US Postal service began a cross-country air mail service using army war surplus planes from World War I, man

Will Ayers takes a look at how technology is influencing how we think about and navigate the built environment.

As part of our series looking at jobs in design studios, we speak to Pelin Morris, wayfinding graphic designer at Endpoint, about her fascination with human behaviour, why she observes people in sh

Before Battery Park City, artists and sun-seekers made themselves at home.

Eligible candidates must hold a teaching or research position (full-time faculty or teaching adjuncts) at an accredited college or university who offers education in communication design or related

Alan Robles talks about how Gensler is exploring the future of the workplace powered by IoT, AR, the cloud and other digital technologies.

Alūksnes bānīša stacijas ekspozīcija saņēmusi prestižu dizaina balvu ASV

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has won several awards for its public art projects and its crime prevention designs.

What’s the role of a designer in AI?

The new store replaces the original restaurant that opened in 1984, located on the corner of 45th and Broadway.

An inside look at how Giorgia Lupi became the firm’s 24th partner

In today’s digital landscape, customer experience (CX) is much more than just customer service.

ORIGINALFRESH The Grand Summit Beijing is the third shop Drawing Architecture Studio (DAS) designed for this juice brand.

The famous airport terminal designed by Eero Saarinen in 1962 for Trans-World Airlines is alive once again thanks to hotelier MCR Development and our collective fetish for mid-century modern design

A new museum opening at the Statue of Liberty is giving visitors another opportunity to explore its history and impact on the world.

The entities have teamed up to expand the reach of Gozio's mobile wayfinding platform, which includes interactive maps and other features, to health systems nationwide.

The ideal time for retailers and franchisees is every three years, when equipment warranties expire, while concerns about costs can be managed with rental finance, writes Kevin Bierman.

The Solution to Your Dropped Calls Could Soon Transform the Smart City Model

The smart suitcase will warn the users of impending collisions while the app can help with navigation of the airport.

New York-based design practice snarkitecture continues to transcend the boundaries between creative disciplines with its latest installation, SWAY by snarkitecture, unveiled by INTERSECT by LEXUS —

Travelers with disabilities will have a smoother journey to and through Edinburgh Airport thanks to these accessibility apps.

Designers can move easily between drawing in a virtual-reality environment and on their tablet using the latest update to Gravity Sketch.

More designers + illustrators are moving to the Indian city—here’s what your life might look like if you joined them.

A young woman does not cross a deserted street at dawn in the same way as a white man wearing a suit or as an immigrant who may not be welcomed by local citizens.

'A quien corresponda' is an exhibition at the Kirkland Gallery at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard, which emerges as a call within another.

Jack Porter, an experiential design group specializing in branded sports environments and interactive design, recently moved into their new office space on West Stone Avenue.

Need to convince others of the value of design thinking? Use these 10 strategies

Augmented reality isn’t just for gaming. While Pokemon Go! may have introduced the average person to this developing technology, it by no means represents its sole use.

To coincide with the launch of experience design handbook Worlds of Wonder, Anna Mitchell caught up with Stan Boshouwers, one half of the author duo behind the book, to explore how a space can tell

Sidewalk Labs has created a new signage system to explain the invisible sensors that are tracking you when you’re in public areas. But there’s still no way to opt out–besides leaving.

USWDS 2.0 adds built-in support for custom typefaces, and sometimes you need one that’s simple, neutral, and isn’t Helvetica.

A Canadian civil liberties group is taking aim at all three tiers of government for allegedly allowing Sidewalk Labs to make decisions about citizens’ privacy in Toronto.

Digital Signage Expo 2019 wrapped with its second-highest attendance and highest number of end users in the show’s history.

The design world flocked to Milan last week for its design week.

As part of a significant renovation program at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sensory Interactive created a new digital media program for the stadium’s club-level restaurants

Snøhetta’s Martin Gran on how graphic design should co-exist with other disciplines

Helvetica is one of the most popular typefaces on the planet. Here’s why Monotype decided to remake it.

Alex Knoll's concept app could make getting around easier for people living with a disability.

How can thoughtful design encourage healthier choices, lifestyles, and work environments?

You shouldn’t feel pressured to follow your passion or find purpose in your job.

Rotterdam or Havana? Four urban planners share what makes a city compelling to them.

With Milan design week kicking off next week, design editor Augusta Pownall picks the best shows to take in, from an installation built from bio-bricks to a multi-room exploration of neuroaesthetic

The long-awaited Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has opened in north London, featuring a retractable pitch that can host both Premier League football matches and American football.

Artist JR has created a giant 3D optical illusion from paper that imagines the iconic pyramid at the Musée du Louvre in Paris continuing underground, but it has already been destroyed.

Citizens would be happy to use part of their own tax contribution to fund solutions that address urban issues such as congestion.

What happened in Middletown could happen where you live.

Skanska USA and global design firm HOK have announced the completion of the $154 million expansion and renovation of the main terminal at Tampa International Airport.

The creators of Skatter believe their plugin constitutes a revolution for rendering vegetation.

The author of a new dictionary of typefaces explains the origins of some of the best-known type–and their lesser-known namesakes.

As I kid, I found most museums to be stultifying!

One of the smart city’s most alluring features is its promise of innovation: It uses cutting-edge technology to transform municipal operations.

The sounds of saws, drills and hammers fill a spacious workspace inside The Design School of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University.

Design. Innovation. Disruption. Those buzzwords are driving strategies and decisions from boardrooms to bullpens across the globe.

With increasing talk of job disruption and automation, it's important to think about the skills that will be most in demand in the future.

On Monday, Google Maps, the leading online map system in the world and a brand from Google, announced that they want to make it easier for people to find their way in busy urban spaces by using lar

What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?

A new study published in the journal Social Science Research finds that Americans report greater levels of happiness in states that spend more money on public goods such as parks, libraries, infras

Design is expanding the palette of options for curators to display objects like never before.

The industry’s biggest design reports make us wonder if they aren’t funded by a secret Post-It lobby.

The issue with “smart cities” technology is that it can’t be proven useful until it gets up and running in the urban landscape.

Some of the most beloved objects in Washington museums are not as authentic as visitors might assume.

Madrid Design Festival 2019 took place from 1 to 28 February in various locations throughout the city, presenting both national and international projects, and offering visitors the opportunity to

Snøhetta has released visuals of a Museum Quarter in the mountains of Bolzano, which will have a projecting stepped roof that doubles as a viewpoint.

On this episode of “Secrets Of The Most Productive People,” we discuss how to identify and combat burnout before it hits you, and why it has become such an epidemic in today’s workplace.

Tessellate Studio, a business specializing in innovative architectural, exhibit, and experiential design, is proud to announce national certification as a Women's Business Enterprise by the Women's

When a city’s character honors and reflects the local culture, everyone benefits.

It's not a matter of if the architecture profession will feel the impacts of artificial intelligence—it's a matter of when.

Objects have become more intelligent over the past 3 decades and it is acknowledged that the environment is slowly gaining intelligence as well. Where to from here?

Many U.S. cities today promote biking and walking, but streets have actually become more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. Here’s what needs to change.

The notion of “design thinking”—which takes some of the tools involved in shaping physical products and applies them to the task of building better systems and organizations—has been around for dec

The largest design agency in the world has used design thinking to expand the number and type of problems that they tackle and the sphere of influence that they have in the world.

Mae Jemison, the first woman of color to go into space, stood in the center of the room and prepared to become digital.

Now more than ever, builder owners and city planners are looking to design firms to incorporate crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) as an initial line of defense against public th

The type, which features rounded edges carved into wood in all caps, has become an icon of the National Parks system.

David Adjaye has created a "provocation or a question" for the public with an exhibition on his monuments and memorials at the Design Museum in London.

Throughout history, stadiums have been transformed into villages, shopping centers, and more. The next wave of stadiums could power cities.

52% of the Millennials buy experiences over goods and services. The experience economy is coming at us like an express train.

Inc Magazine explains the development of the Experience Economy in the USA. the younger generation is spending 4x more on Experiences versus products and services. Care to ignore that trend?

Asia's Financial Review lays out the case for the developing Experience Economy.

McKinsey weighs in with some financial analysis to help you underpin your next pitch.

So much.

Dusty Duistermars of JLL’s Digital Solutions group. talks about the journey (yes, it is not a simple step) towards smart and intelligent workspaces.

After more than 30 years, I was contemplating quitting my beloved design job.

In this installment of IFA's Smart City series, Marc Bielas provides four different sources of smart city media to frame your understanding of smart cities in 2019 and beyond.

With hundreds of design fairs, conferences and trade shows taking place around the world every year, it can be hard to choose which to attend.

Late last month, The Guardian published a piece with the somewhat incendiary title “How placemaking is tearing apart social housing communities.”

This 30-minute webinar will discuss how technology is now being used on hotel and resort properties to better serve and enhance the guest experience, what emerging technologies are currently being

We talk to long list of designers who work at the intersection of sound and design about how and why the two worlds so often meet.

For Lyft's VP of Design Katie Dill, building a team is like mixing a great cocktail – it’s about finding the right balance of ingredients. Here’s a peek into her approach.

Over the past few years, design thinking has quickly gained momentum in the business world.

Even though it looks like it’s buried deep in the Norwegian forest, the outdoor care center is only 650 feet from the Oslo University Hospital.

A holographic pyramid by SYNDICATE Architects has been selected as the winner of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art's Summer Cinema Pavilion competition.

Seattle is the new home of an inspirational educational institution called the Center for Design.

Cities sometimes fail to make sure the technologies they adopt are accessible to everyone. Activists and startups are working to change that.

Digital ads can do good in the world–they can be programmed to serve the community in times of crisis.

We look back at the top smart cities stories of 2018.

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