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We want to bring together countries to look at design’s important role in the big emotive issues of our time,” says festival director.

Imagine if New York’s subway map had only three colors.

“They either communicate well on the different levels intended or they can be visual gibberish.”

The Sign Foundation has a few reports that indicate the value that signs add to a business

The High Line Network, a new forum for cities around the world, isn’t about cloning the park.

Richard Poulin picks his top 13 examples of great graphics and story telling in the built environment for Interior Design magazine.

Shadows are dynamic, changing throughout the day. This study of the shadows cast by buildings in New York provides great insight into the role they play in placemaking through out the year.

Entries for the Taiwan Graphic Design Award are due on July 15.

Julie Maggos didn’t plan on a career in experiential graphic design. Once known as environmental graphics, this niche area is not formally taught at most schools.

From geo-location to sun-paths, here are 10 very useful tips to make you the model SketchUp user of the office.

As in previous years, the event was launched with a mesmerizing video projection mapped onto the sails of Sydney's iconic O pera House.

By now you’ve probably seen those silver, black and blue monoliths on the streets of Manhattan.

Within the design service industry, custom virtual reality (VR) experiences have historically been reserved for private meetings on big budget projects that require specialized, expensive equipment

Who really made the first design of Futura? 

A new gif shows the speed at which China's metro systems have been developed.

Is your website still brochureware designed to impress your peers and clients?

Sometimes, while driving, one comes to an intersection with lots of signs, many lanes, and a maybe a few traffic lights as well. 

Published article by Aries Arditi in JOV, Journal of Vision with a critique on the standards that only provide accessibility for blind and lack provisions for people with low vision.

Local Projects explains why people crave mind-bending experiences at a time when screens mediate much of our lives.

Could this reissue, an artifact of the past, become a symbol of U.S. designers in support of the environment?

Comparison of arts industries contributions to the US economy. This makes for fascinating reading.

See the NEA interactive map produced from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S.

See the NEA interactive map produced from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority was infamous for bulldozing neighborhoods and displacing residents.

Uber provides anonymized data from over 2 billion trips to help improve urban planning around the world.

The Department of Employment is to host a conference on the growing need to use “design thinking” across the public sector to collaboratively develop more impactful policies and services.

Sheela Maini Søgaard is a partner and CEO of BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group.

According to a joint resolution, the memorial will be constructed in Area I, which surrounds the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Retailers are betting on tech that, in an instant, gives customers personal skincare tips and lets them see how they look in different styles.

It’s no longer enough to iterate and understand your user. What companies need now are designers who can empathize and bang out lines of Javascript.

A hike in the woods or a stroll through a preserve or park can be enhanced by a good trail sign — one that is informative, easy to see, yet doesn’t intrude on the vista.

Designers consider their role in the U.K.’s transition out of the EU.

The first step to integrating virtual reality into your firm is to ask why you want it.

Ethan Imboden explains why FrogVentures makes risky bets on exciting new startups.

Some of the brightest minds in interface want to bring us augmented reality, without the bulky headsets.

More than 1,000 designers and supporters turned up Thursday night in Helsinki to examine how design is challenging the present and shaping the future

An annoyed passenger and, a measured response on the design of Metro system wayfinding systems.

The Port of Seattle is doubling down so you won't get lost at Sea-Tac Airport. It's spending $2 million on a plan that includes hiring wayfinding experts and upgrading signage.

A new report may help municipalities become 'smart cities,' but legacy infrastructure may hold them back.

How do businesses let design inform or even lead their strategy? Should every company have their own chief design officer?

Design Thinking is permeating through society and enabling designers to get to grips with designing the way we experience the world.

A good article gathering the information about the value of design for business into a single article with links to the various reports.

IBM Watson and design studio SOFTlab join forces for an installation at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“The smell of a room can bring you to that room faster than a picture,” says one of the collaborators recreating the scent of the Morgan Library & Museum as it would have been in 1906.

In the 1970s, good design became federal policy.

In a new film, famous Canadian designers from the '60s and '70s will finally get their due.

During the 2016 International Festival of Landscape Architecture, Street Furniture Australia launched a pop-up park in the underused urban space of Garema Place. 

A crowdfunding campaign to bring a lightning-bolt statue in memory of David Bowie to London aims to raise just under £1 million in 28 days.

Born in the wake of Ferguson, the Creative Reaction Lab rejects "design thinking" for a more inclusive approach to systemic inequality.

 A celebration of New York City’s rich immigrant culture, the sculpture takes the form of 33 metal poles inscribed with the origins of foreign-born NYC residents.

Christopher Lee, managing director (EMEA), Populous, explores how Arsenal's Emirates Stadium has led a new wave of venue-led urban regeneration in what was one of London's most deprived are

Four emerging designers expand the traditional role of architects to benefit their communities.

Applications like Bluetooth-driven Beacon systems and cellular Wi-Fi systems can now be used to help people navigate space in a more profound way, writes CallisonRTKL’s Cody Clark.

When someone asks him what is the next cool thing they can do to expand their office footprint, Stubblefield replies with, What is the last thing you can do to avoid building?

The shortlist for the National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre was revealed on January 27 – Holocaust Memorial Day.

The board of AIGA/NY is turning Citizen! Designer! Now! into an ongoing initiative.

Civiq Smartspaces LinkNYC product has passed the 1 million user mark already with still thousands of terminals to be rolled out in New York City.

Vignelli died in 2014, but his extensive body of work continues to fuel a passion in designers and design enthusiasts. 

FastCo spoke to designers in attendance at this year's Consumer Electronics Show about the products they were most looking forward to and why.

The half-century-old technology of flip discs has been resurrected to create a new style of display now available as an alternative to LED screens.

While the article was written about the father of industrial design, Raymond Loewy, it really provides even greater insights into the psychology behind (visual) appeal.

In 1959, her world-changing work in environmental graphic design (a term unknown at that time) began when she started on her first airport design project at the Memphis airport.

Some reported RIO numbers and multipliers for the money spent on Wayfinding programs.

Hiring creative leaders is notoriously difficult. To lure them in, you need a game plan.

Research professor Kate Canales believes design is crucial to disrupting higher education, and the timing has never been better.

Pantone describes it as a "reassuring . . . life-affirming color." It also looks like the nuclear isotope in The Simpsons.

Google and AIGA are pleased to announce the first annual Design Census—an open and collaborative resource for understanding the complex economic, social, and cultural factors shaping the desi

AIGA have published the research behind and a Gender Equity Toolkit to help prevent gender bias in the workplace of creative firms.  See also

Showing confidence, value and a huge step up in visibility for design at the new museum, Designers bemused after fighting for recognition for so long.

In 1989, Apple hired Thomas Rickner to do something revolutionary: put print-quality typefaces on every computer.

These photographs taken by Gareth Gardner offer a glimpse of the interiors created byJohn Pawson for the new Design Museum ahead of its official opening next week.

The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education will provide research support for projects related to the societal benefits of on-premise signs.

InterUrban's goal is to become the largest outdoor art museum in the world, spanning the entire city.

"Like great companies, great cities need to think about user experience."

Mike Wolff announced his retirement as Chairman of the SDS, after steering the organization since 2006.

The infographic outlines some of the main features to look out for if you’re selecting an accessible font.

The installation, titled Voûtes Célestes, illuminates the soaring ceilings with 35 different colored n

A projection mapping project celebrates a fading layer of our cities.

Most technology companies in the 20th century began as business to business applications developers.

Materia offers an amazing library of highly innovative materials like these made from coconut fibers.

What are variable fonts, and why are some of the biggest tech companies on the planet throwing their weight behind them?

What seems obvious, has been excluded from our codes due to a solution to a social idea 150 years ago.

LinkNYC has run into some user challenges that are great learning for our community.

IKE adds a social engagement and public notices layers of functionality to smart city terminals. Smart city terminals are, at the moment, at the same stage as the cell phone was in 2005.

According to the ISA Sign Industry Quarterly Report, the end market for architectural signage should continue to see very favorable conditions through 2016.

It's been a hot topic for some time, but perhaps it is time that Experiential Graphic Design made an appropriate recommendation?


Sandra Baer thinks that people's happiness is a key issue for Smart City initiatives to address.

The Museum of Neon Art lovingly saves signs that are old, broken, or abandoned. Selfies are another issue.

Eduardo Kobra is attempting to set the world record for the largest mural created by a single person.

Roadliners is a film about inspiration and craft, and the uncelebrated lettering artists of the road.



Virtual reality? Augmented reality? A UX designer at Unity tells us what the world is getting wrong.

Throughout SEGD Fellow Lance Wyman’s long career – a career that took off in 1968 with his graphics for the Mexico Olympics – he has kept a daily record of his creative processes.

JR Creates amazing large fabric sculptures in Rio for the Olympics.

Here is a strong case for the use of Design Thinking and support for the value of design

Based upon an accurate map of New York City, the goal of Brand New Subway is to design your own subway line. 

Yes, a big chunk of that budget will go towards new trains, but most of the rest of it is for wayfinding and information related solutions!

Steve Silberman’s book, NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently, won Britain’s prestigious Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction wri

The final touches are being added to David Adjaye's museum of African American history, a project that "felt like a bloodbath at times" according to the British architect.

Serious money is being put behind the efforts to design and implement Smart Cities, cities who use their data to improve services around the world.

One of the points: Cities need to manage expectations.

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