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Gensler’s solution for infection control in airports relies on a combination of actions that begin with prescreening passengers as they enter the building. 

“What do memorials and monuments do? They are another way we tell history,” says Tigwell. “What we hope is people look at what these moments in time mean today.”

Some 25,000 resin cubes make up a gorgeously analog sign system at the National Library of Luxembourg.

The charity partnered with JCDecaux Australia, a subsidiary of outdoor advertiser JCDecaux, to craft a campaign in Sydney, Australia, which focused on the critical question, "R U OK?"

Regardless of gender, employees have a hard time taking critical feedback from a woman.

Architecture firm Snøhetta has been announced as the winner of a competition to design the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in Medora, North Dakota.

The sports fan experience has been evolving, with the help of technology, for years.

The deadline to apply for the program, from American Express, is September 21.

From funding, planning and infrastructure, to design and policing, many transit agencies essentially have built two systems with different standards for “choice” and “dependent” riders (that is to

Designers are starting to think about how apps can clean up our messy privacy hygiene

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is accepting applications for grants of up to $250,000.

BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage media players, today announced that it has expanded its list of available CMS partners in Control Cloud to include Embed Sign

It’s not a case of re-opening your physical or digital doors and letting the customers flow back in. 

Curated by Yuan Wang 

A current challenge for information designers includes wayfinding in a time of social distancing and reduced capacities.

Having published its recognizable, yellow-covered reference guides on computer programming, investing, politics, wine, bird watching, life coaching, flirting, adrenal fatigue and about 2,500 other

Architecture firm Gómez Platero has designed a new memorial to honor those affected by COVID-19. Sited in Uruguay, the monument is made to be an expression of hope in an uncertain time. 

It's not a perfect solution but it should get you 30 hours of concentrated work a week.

Dori Tunstall, the world’s first Black dean of a design school, is on a mission to redesign design education itself: “We can’t decouple colonialism from design.

Employees are facing new stressors. Leaders need new approaches to inspire and fairly measure performance.

Join Ayse Birsel (who kicked off Experience + Exhibition month with her super power primer) this month for her pay-what-you-wish workshops. 

Navigating the highs, lows, “likes,” paychecks, prizes, and mental hurdles.

It’s a tough job even in human time, let alone deep time.

Join Mvix on August 19th, 2020, at 2:00 EST for a live review of user submitted content where they'll go over great examples and give suggestions for getting the most out of your digital signage.

The 2020 publication, Municipal Smart City Street Light Conversion & Evolving Technology Guidebook was commissioned by New York State’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (Capital District Tran

This second webinar in the series will focus on the design elements and trends represented in the manual and will be tailored for designers. 

The latest bill wending its way through Congress is a much more targeted version of the Paycheck Protection Program. Here's an early look.

The Architecture and Design Museum would become the home of both the Museum of Finnish Architecture and Design Museum Helsinki.

The act was intended to honor protesters who had peacefully assembled earlier this week.

Below, we explore how neon works, its architectural history, and how architects can continue to use it today.

“Flatten the curve” was just the beginning.

As museums around the country prepare to reopen, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is going first with safety protocols in place.

In the wake of COVID-19, in which retailers worldwide shut down for months, retailers using AR are enjoying a 19% spike in customer engagement, according to data from Vertebrae, and the customer co

An online celebration to help students gain exposure for their work and make connections with movers and shakers of the design world for feedback and inspiration.

Hear from 3 firms (Think Company, Design Science and Digitas Health), and the program director of Thomas Jefferson University’s new MS Health Communication Design program, to learn more about how d

The CEO of career site Virgil offers a look inside the closed-door tech-driven recruiting process to help job seekers best position themselves to land a new job.

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone.

Mvix, a leading provider of turnkey digital signage solutions with free software, today announced a major price drop on two of its digital signage players. 

Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk Labs has abandoned its ambition to create a smart neighborhood in Toronto amid "unprecedented economic uncertainty" caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Do you identify as a transit nerd? Have strong opinions about brutalist architecture? Keep a running list of your favorite pieces of public art from around the globe?

Local Projects is hosting a series of free workshops for organizations facing the challenge of adapting to a COVID-future reality.

As state governments and business communities begin to consider reopening, how can small business owners position themselves to return to work safely? 

The Thermo-Scanner uses infrared technology to detect a person’s body temperature accurately within 0.5 degrees in seconds and provides an alert for high temperatures.

Being confined to our homes during the lockdown has heightened our awareness of space and place. 

How do you think A.I. and machine learning will impact content development and management?

This product offers a critical first line of defense by instantly measuring body temperature without any human interaction.

Our only ask was this: Use the cash to cover any costs you incur in shifting to working from home, and then spend the rest supporting local small businesses.

The present situation is a perfect storm for the application of creativity.

Created by THE rAVe Agency in partnership with Zoom Video Communications, LAVNCH WEEK (pronounced “launch” week) is a five-day virtual event that combines keynote presentations, interactive panels

With incessant videoconferencing, the opportunity to recharge and rest your eyes between meetings is increasingly important.

Around the world, people have devised various ways to denote the prescribed social distancing protocol using chalk marks, tape, floor stickers, signs, furniture and other crafty means.

For sign makers, protection from the COVID-19 virus actually involves a two-pronged strategy—both for in the shop and out in the field for surveys and installations.

The majority of museums have been forced to close their doors indefinitely due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The project is not merely about designing an optical store, it is to create an ambiance in which public space and private space are deconstructed and placed in the same field to maintain a strong v

An Intubation Box sits over the head and shoulders of a patient as they are intubated, acting as a protective shield between patient and providers and hopefully minimizing providers' exposure to CO

This touch technology, offering clarity, sensitive and drift-free response and continued operation even when scratched, has driven a change in public attitude towards touchscreens.

ACE, the Advocates for Connected Experiences (ACE), announces their formation with the goal of uniting and empowering all constituents involved in DOOH, retail and venue-based digital experiences a

Self-employed designers impacted by coronavirus will be eligible for grants worth up to 80 per cent of their average monthly earnings from June, the UK government has announced.

The PPE Drive is calling on the 3D printer community to help create PPE to protect health care professionals. There is a critical shortage of PPE supplies and you can help!

The United Nations needs your help in translating critical public health messages into work that will engage and inform people across different cultures, languages, communities and platforms.

In a letter to Congress, AIA leadership outlined how investment in infrastructure might stimulate economic recovery.

She’s created graphic identities for Citibank, Tiffany, the Public Theater, and, well, everybody, but will be remembered for one album cover, she tells the Museum of Arts and Design.

Even as changes to the design-fair calendar continue to shake out, with an onslaught of events having been postponed or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, additional news keeps on coming in.

Self-employed designers impacted by coronavirus will be eligible for grants worth up to 80 per cent of their average monthly earnings from June, the UK government has announced.

The co-founder of Columbus, Ohio–based Moody Nolan reflects on the challenge of surviving in an industry that was less than welcoming.

Companies will soon be able to test and benchmark their offices, with CRTKL planning to launch the new index in the coming months.

Civilizations have recognized copper’s antimicrobial properties for centuries. It’s time to bring the material back.

While the building is ready for the public, it’s been closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak

Artists and designers have grabbed their pens, pencils and digital styluses to create images of support and informative illustrations to help distribute advice on how to slow the spread of coronavi

Set to open Oct. 17, "Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America" will explore "the intersections of architecture, Blackness and anti–Black racism in the American context."

Bluemedia shared two links on the efficacy of signage on hand hygiene.

Working from home, freelancers’ rights, disrupted supply chains and ongoing postponements are some of the creative industry’s concerns as coronavirus continues its spread.

A road diet reallocates a street’s space to better serve the community around it and its full range of users.

More and more people are working from home to try to limit the spread of coronavirus. If you’re a remote work newbie, make sure you’re following these productivity hacks.

Important safety information concerning the care and maintenance of Ideum touch displays and touch tables.

The National Park Service spans hundreds of sites across the US, including monuments, seashores, memorials and parks.

Groundwork was commissioned by K11, a shopping mall in greater China to imagine and bring to life a playable art piece.

NanoLumens, Inc., the award-winning creators of LED visualization solutions in any size, shape or curvature, today announced the launch of a new product line designed for display customers in need

The Swedish Design Museum To Go exhibition can be taken away inside a backpack that visitors can borrow for a week to explore the country with.

The international event is scheduled to be held in Mumbai, India from March 19 - 21, 2020 and is being hosted by the IDC School of Design, at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai with

The IIID Award is a celebration of what information designers contribute to society: They apply creativity and design thinking to solve complex communication problems, and to improve every aspect o

Having been utilized as early as the Roman era in buildings of almost every scale, it is almost impossible to think of a building that does not have at least one concrete element. 

As we turn the page on the 2010s, there's a great deal of speculation about what this new decade will bring.

While Rome may not have been built in a day, Shenzhen pretty much was. In the 1970s, China’s start-up capital was a fishing village.

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) mourns the loss of Mark Dziersk, FIDSA, a prominent industrial designer and decades-long supporter, leader, and advocate of our Society.

Sulafest music festival in India has apologised to British designer Morag Myerscough for copying her colourful pavilion design, promising to commission original work in future.

What technology will replace Quick Response (QR) codes in the future?

The emerging technologies and the increasing number of interactive displays and kiosk systems are making digital signage more and more efficient.

While many people will associate fungus with moldy food or damp woodlands, a new exhibition at London's Somerset House is hoping to shift perceptions by highlighting the real-world wonders of mushr

Slated for this year are new institutions dedicated to ancient Egyptian, the Olympics, African American music and the Army

Hopkins Architects has completed the Buhais Geology Park Interpretive Centre on a former prehistoric sea in the emirate of Sharjah, UAE.

Originally built in 1943 for the construction of Howard Hughes’ H-4 Hercules airplane, this 450,000-square-foot hangar now houses a new technological marvel. 

How a handful of traditional design programs are staying ahead of the curve

Choose your weapon for fast and efficient architectural creativity this year.

Men still comprise the majority of speaker lineups...

A recent event at Haworth’s Philadelphia showroom revealed the importance of empathy and engagement in designing more inclusive workplaces.

COBE has completed the Halftime building at the Adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, which is distinguished by a giant rhomboid-shaped roof.

A sampling of work and commentary by some of the type aficionados who have been featured in the pages of Communication Arts.

When she taught first-graders in Bethesda public schools, Ann Friedman relied on activities to engage them.

The webinar will cover a brief introduction to Daktronics and the lessons learned in building high-resolution direct view LED screens as well as the questions you should be asking.

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