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It’s a tough job even in human time, let alone deep time.

Around the world, people have devised various ways to denote the prescribed social distancing protocol using chalk marks, tape, floor stickers, signs, furniture and other crafty means.

Some years ago Jim managed to snag the interview of the century with one of symbols biggest stars.

It has its own emoji, but where did the new Accessible Icon come from?

At the Olympics, designers get to consciously shape our sense of history as we experience it. Here’s how that role has evolved over the decades.

What seems obvious, has been excluded from our codes due to a solution to a social idea 150 years ago.

It's been a hot topic for some time, but perhaps it is time that Experiential Graphic Design made an appropriate recommendation?


Can we design a truly inclusive accessibility icon asks Scott Kirkwood on in this update/summary of the universal access symbol.

The international symbol for accessibility is again the center of a political debate, with some states insisting on the more active version.

Oxford Dictionaries just named "emoji" the word of the year. Like other graphic symbols, they are a language-neutral form of communication.

Businesses are beginning to request gender-neutral bathroom pictograms, and starting this week in Los Angeles, a campaign by the series Transparent is encouraging businesses to display a n

Symbol designer Mies Hora (Significon) blogs about New York state legislation that deletes the word "handicapped" from accessible signage and changes the controversial wheelchair symbol.

Jonathan Glancey explores the enduring appeal of these quaint but powerful pictograms.

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