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Having published its recognizable, yellow-covered reference guides on computer programming, investing, politics, wine, bird watching, life coaching, flirting, adrenal fatigue and about 2,500 other

The 2020 publication, Municipal Smart City Street Light Conversion & Evolving Technology Guidebook was commissioned by New York State’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (Capital District Tran

Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk Labs has abandoned its ambition to create a smart neighborhood in Toronto amid "unprecedented economic uncertainty" caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In the two years since Sidewalk Labs pitched its vision for a grand smart city development — encompassing an entire neighborhood on the Toronto waterfront — the project has been beset by controvers

Design of the four-volume proposed masterplan by Sidewalk Labs that will transform the city’s eastern waterfront into one of the most innovative districts in the world.

With a chip that can track your every move, New York’s city-issued ID cards are about to take a seriously dystopian turn.

The company uses modelling tools to give public agencies a comprehensive portrait of how, why, and where people travel across the city.

Major cities are facing major crises. The United Nations estimates that by 2050, almost one billion people with disabilities will live in cities, representing 15% of total city dwellers.

One recent report notes that the total value of active infrastructure projects in the GCC alone has reached a staggering $1.14 trillion in 2019.

The Solution to Your Dropped Calls Could Soon Transform the Smart City Model

Sidewalk Labs has created a new signage system to explain the invisible sensors that are tracking you when you’re in public areas. But there’s still no way to opt out–besides leaving.

A Canadian civil liberties group is taking aim at all three tiers of government for allegedly allowing Sidewalk Labs to make decisions about citizens’ privacy in Toronto.

Citizens would be happy to use part of their own tax contribution to fund solutions that address urban issues such as congestion.

One of the smart city’s most alluring features is its promise of innovation: It uses cutting-edge technology to transform municipal operations.

The issue with “smart cities” technology is that it can’t be proven useful until it gets up and running in the urban landscape.

Objects have become more intelligent over the past 3 decades and it is acknowledged that the environment is slowly gaining intelligence as well. Where to from here?

In this installment of IFA's Smart City series, Marc Bielas provides four different sources of smart city media to frame your understanding of smart cities in 2019 and beyond.

Cities sometimes fail to make sure the technologies they adopt are accessible to everyone. Activists and startups are working to change that.

We look back at the top smart cities stories of 2018.

Cryptocurrency millionaire Jeffrey Berns has revealed plans to develop a large parcel of Nevada's desert into a smart city powered by blockchain technology.


Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet division focused on smart cities, is caught in a battle over information privacy.

Smart Cities Week took place from October 2 - 4 in Washington, DC, gathering 1000 smart city leaders from both public and private sectors to discuss how to leverage technology to create cities bett

The Smart Cities for All global initiative, a collaboration of the non-profits G3ict and World Enabled, has announced a new project to define a more inclusive approach to innovation for smarter cit

Digital technology has provided society with hundreds of advances that make life easier and better for everyone.

Italian architect Carlo Ratti and Alphabet company Sidewalk Labs have worked together on a modular paving system that can change the use of a street throughout the day.

Timber towers and smart pavement: Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs is sharing an early glimpse of its Toronto development.

The digital signage industry is experiencing an exciting growth period at the moment, with the rising interest in “smart city” projects and a resurgence of advertiser interest in out-of-home.

Last week, the Smart Cities New York conference at Pier 36 on the Hudson River welcomed 1,300 people for two days of panel discussions, keynote speeches and seminars on a host of issues facing citi

Li-Fi is likely to reshape the world in ways Wi-Fi didn’t, by transmitting data through lamps, streetlights and more.

Ford tries to find out with its new pilot project.

As it turns out, simply defining what does or doesn't constitute make a city "smart" is trickier than it sounds.

After speaking with Boissy and getting a taste for the passion he has for his job, I'm thinking of referring to him as "The CMO of Smart Cities."

A company owned by the Microsoft co-founder is developing a new community from the ground-up based on cutting-edge tech.

Intersection, the leading smart cities technology and media company, today announced that Philadelphia is the latest city to join the fast-growing Link network.

Cities already have tolls and charges for a lot of services (parking and roads, licenses) in a city but Google is far more efficient at generating money from targeting ads and mobile ads.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has pulled back the curtain on NYCx, a civic tech initiative that will test smart city solutions through startup collaboration.

The city’s director of digital engagement breaks down the ways government can boost public services and resident opportunity with connected tech deployments.

A CompTIA report shows that 6 in 10 US citizens are interested in living in a smart city, despite concerns about cybersecurity and budgetary constraints.

Now researchers at MIT have designed a smart city system that leverages the windshield tags used to smooth drivers’ passage onto toll roads and bridges. 

We gathered insights from eight industry leaders — through panels and interviews — on how to define the concept of a smart city.

By now you’ve probably seen those silver, black and blue monoliths on the streets of Manhattan.

A new report may help municipalities become 'smart cities,' but legacy infrastructure may hold them back.

IKE adds a social engagement and public notices layers of functionality to smart city terminals. Smart city terminals are, at the moment, at the same stage as the cell phone was in 2005.

Sandra Baer thinks that people's happiness is a key issue for Smart City initiatives to address.

One of the points: Cities need to manage expectations.

"What Google’s doing here is taking the business model that they’ve perfected in the online world and bringing it into the real world" Opinions vary widely, but the experiment

There are many hidden benefits to walkable cities. It is time to design daily activities back into our lives.

This week at the CES tech expo in Las Vegas, AT&T Mobility CEO Glenn Lurie will outline his company's plans to work with cities to turn everyday civic infrastructure like traffic signals an

A great primer that explains what Smart Cities are from our friends at Civiq.

Google makes an investment to understand how to help solve urban problems. Dan Doctoroff, ex deputy mayor of New York is the CEO. The puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place.

DIY signs get public testing and acceptance as officials see the benefit of the communities involvement and the idea picks up $182,000 in funding.

Great TED talk about the progress being made to release Big Data about the City of NY to the public. This is just like the day you found out that you could access the internet.

Open data will change the way we live in cities just as the internet has at home and at work. XGD will be the discipline that embraces Open Data and uses it to do what XGDer's do best.

Smarter Cities, more sharing, intelligent environments and homes, Smart Citizens. See the infographic.

The Smart Cities Group and the Media Lab both have multiple resources that

Microsoft Research is working on a new interface for the environment using mapping. Something we are already used to using in XGD. They see the application as gaming.

Connecting the environment to the internet requires cell networks.

President Obama signed into lawa bill that passed Congress with unanim

Watch this amazing video by Guy Hoffman to get inspired about what an intelligent environment with soul might be like.

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