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It’s a tough job even in human time, let alone deep time.

Below, we explore how neon works, its architectural history, and how architects can continue to use it today.

Around the world, people have devised various ways to denote the prescribed social distancing protocol using chalk marks, tape, floor stickers, signs, furniture and other crafty means.

Of all the steps a city can take to make itself more pedestrian-friendly, developing a integral system of signage is both a quick and easy improvement that makes a world of difference--as shown by

They want to point out that being an industry member of SEGD is congruent with their focus on innovative manufacturing to construct custom-designed signage to support the design vision and customer

The signs in a new wayfinding system being put up this fall by Topeka’s city government will be physically stronger than those from the previous system, according an official with the city’s public

Sidewalk Labs has created a new signage system to explain the invisible sensors that are tracking you when you’re in public areas. But there’s still no way to opt out–besides leaving.

What happened in Middletown could happen where you live.

Skanska USA and global design firm HOK have announced the completion of the $154 million expansion and renovation of the main terminal at Tampa International Airport.

The "I amsterdam" letters have been removed from outside the Rijksmuseum in the Dutch capital, after they were accused of promoting mass tourism.

A seminal current architectural project with an overall budget of over $1 billion, the building in Nine Elms on London's South Bank opened earlier this year with finishing touches more recently com

Though the Las Vegas Strip may be garish to some, with its borderline intrusive décor and “pseudo-historical” architecture, some professional architects, most notably Robert Venturi and Denise Scot

How these curbside canvases came to be, according to the men who make them.

Powers is setting out to install 100 signs throughout the region that mimic the shape of “No Parking” or “One Way” street signs, throughout the summer.

With 36,000 locations, often visited by people driving on unfamiliar highways, those arches could make for a pretty functional bit of wayfinding design, too.

The Sign Research Foundation (SRF) drew a capacity crowd to its first full-day university workshop earlier this fall, which coincided with the International Sign Association’s (ISA’s) Sign Manufact

Late at night, working alone, this anonymous hero from the United Kingdom town of Bristol “makes punctuation marks to stick on errant signs,” in the words of the BBC reporter. 

New regulations of name boards in Beijing will not lead to "monotony" or affect the signage of time-honored brands, a city official has said.

549 Chinese symbol signs, one universal wayfinding language.

Wu Chi-kai started in the business 30 years ago and, despite newer technology and government regulations, is still kept busy today.

At the Oct. 10 commission meeting, Todd Mayfield of Axia Creative, the firm hired to help the city with the program, estimated the signs would be installed in 12 to 18 weeks. 

The City of Thunder Bay is inviting citizens to help plan and design new wayfinding street signs and maps for walkers and cyclists.


Inspired by the pervasive and sometimes creepy effect of the algorithms that power these recommendation ads, Scott Kelly and Ben Polkinghorne–a pair of advertising executives who moonlight as artis

How the glow went from strip clubs to trendy restaurants.

Sometimes, while driving, one comes to an intersection with lots of signs, many lanes, and a maybe a few traffic lights as well. 

The Port of Seattle is doubling down so you won't get lost at Sea-Tac Airport. It's spending $2 million on a plan that includes hiring wayfinding experts and upgrading signage.

What seems obvious, has been excluded from our codes due to a solution to a social idea 150 years ago.

According to the ISA Sign Industry Quarterly Report, the end market for architectural signage should continue to see very favorable conditions through 2016.

The Museum of Neon Art lovingly saves signs that are old, broken, or abandoned. Selfies are another issue.

The Signage Foundation offers a library of signage articles for free.

Springfield's new wayfinding signage will include walking times to each destination in order to promote a more walkable city, which in turn could lead to improvements in the populations health.

The sign and graphics industry continues to remain strong in 2016 and will experience growth in 2017, according to the first ISA Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report for 2016.

Signs are as important in downtown centers as they are in suburban and rural areas.

Signs and the Downtown Experience. Sign Foundation research on peoples perceptions of signage in downtown areas. The study covers landmark design, digital signs and urban wayfinding and identity.

Even the Humble Parking sign can benefit from digital screen technology. Why is the parking sign so complex?

Are the boundaries on what content is allowable as signs in our communities shifting?

Betty Willis, who designed the most famous and perhaps the most-copied sign in the world, died in Nevada at age 91. 

Designer Nikki Syliantengcreated her humorous website

Jonathan Glancey explores the enduring appeal of these quaint but powerful pictograms.

The Eurostar ticketing/check-in kiosk area at London’s St.

Real advertising sign writers of New York talk about their job.

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