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Remembering 9/11: Two Memorials, Two Visions
Remembering 9/11: Two Memorials, Two Visions

Read Time: 4 minutes
Twenty years have passed since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, and during that time more than 1200 memorials have been designed, built, and dedicated throughout the world. Two of the most well-known include the National 9/11 Memorial in New York and “Empty Sky” in New Jersey. SEGD revisits both sites and examines how these places of remembrance have the power to move us through experiential design.

The Constant Gardeners: Connecting Art, Technology and Sports at the 2020 Tokyo Games
The Constant Gardeners: Connecting Art, Technology and Sports at the 2020 Tokyo Games

Read Time: 2 minutes

Lance Wyman's seminal 1968 Olympics Graphic Identity
1968 Mexico City Olympics

Read Time: 10 minutes

Healing Through Truth Telling: Society's Cage
Healing Through Truth Telling: Society's Cage

Read Time: 12 minutes
Listen: 60 minutes

Conceptualized in the wake of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor slayings, temporary installation "Society's Cage," serves to educate the public about systemic racial violence, fostering healing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the March on Washington in Support of Black Lives.

2020 Best of Show—The National Memorial for Peace and Justice
2020 Best of Show—The National Memorial for Peace and Justice

Read Time: 9 minutes

Honor & Best of Show Awards 2020

The environmental graphic design of The National Memorial for Peace and Justice (National Lynching Memorial) in Montgomery, Alabama was a collaboration between the Equal Justice Initiative, MASS Design Group (architects) and Small Stuff with collaborator afreeman (environmental graphic design).

Sustainability, Stats, Students—A Fantastic "Waste of Space"
Sustainability, Stats, Students—A Fantastic "Waste of Space"

Read Time: 3 minutes

Images and Reflections—Black Lives Matter Plaza
Images and Reflections-Black Lives Matter Plaza

Read Time: 1 minute

With the speedy installation of typographic murals on the streets of several cities including Washington D.C. in support of the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement, many conversations have been sparked not only about inequity, policing, performative distraction and political tactics, but also about community organizing through the use of signs and its relationship to the practice of EGD.

Science, Meet Storytelling—Stanford's Morphogenesis
Science, Meet Storytelling—Stanford's Morphogenesis

Read Time: 7 minutes

"Morphogenesis," a generative installation at the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Biology Research Building on the Stanford University Campus designed by Knot (Portland, Ore.) and artist Jonathan McCabe, is the first installation that connects user interaction with a large-scale media mesh platform—built by GKD Metal Fabrics (Cambridge, Md.).

10 Projects that Build Connection in Communities
10 Projects that Build Connection in Communities

Read Time: 3 minutes
We’re all a part of communities—large, small, near, far and differently-abled—that intersect and interact in various ways. In pursuit of a more harmonious society, it seems imperative to encourage empathy, connection, and understanding, so we examine 10 projects that build connections of all kinds: between individuals one-on-one, close to home and across the world; both in the abstract and tangibly.

Take a Look at the Bright Side—15 Vibrant Projects
Take a Look at the Bright Side—15 Vibrant Projects

Read Time: 4 min

The Best Content of 2019
The Best Content of 2019

Read Time: 2.5 minutes

Is it just us, or did 2019 seem to speed by in the blink of an eye? It's once again been a busy year at SEGD with millions of page views, over 2,000 members and over 1,000 new pieces of content added to over the course of the year.

Art and Science at Dolby Gallery
Art and Science at Dolby Gallery

Read Time: 4.5 minutes

K-State Donor Recognition Double Header
K-State Donor Recognition Double Header

What’s better than designing a donor recognition system for your alma mater? Designing two, of course! Michael Courtney and his team at Michael Courtney Design (Seattle) did just that, developing one for the Berney Family Welcome Center and one for The College of Architecture, Planning & Design at Kansas State University.

Fort Needham Memorial Park
Deconstructing Tragedy—Fort Needham Memorial Park

In 1917 an unprecedented explosion dramatically changed the history and landscape of Halifax. A multidisciplinary collaboration between Ekistics Planning & Design and Form:Media (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia) resulted in the renewal of a public park replete with a deconstructed approach to memorializing the tragedy—just in time for its hundredth anniversary.

2018 SEGD Global Design Awards Categories Explained
2018 SEGD Global Design Awards Categories Explained

The 2018 SEGD Global Design Awards encompass seven categories that represent key practice areas of experiential graphic design. To help guide you through the submission process, here are the seven categories with examples of project types and past winners.

SEGD's Best Content of 2017
SEGD's Best Content of 2017

What a year! It's has been a record-breaking one for SEGD, as the association has grown to over 2,000 members and page views have swelled to over two million.

Read More
12 Influential Immersive Environments Implemented in the Last 12 Months

We asked a panel of immersive digital design experts within the SEGD community for their choices of the most influential immersive environment design.

2017 Merit Award Winner Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center Media Façade
Brilliant Media Façade a Beacon for the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center

This 2017 SEGD Global Design Awards Merit Award winning project, Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center Media Façade, brings the Center's buildings to vibrant life in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

150 Media Stream Collaboration
150 North Riverside Media Stream

Riverside Investment & Development enlisted the help of McCann Systems, Digital Kitchen and Leviathan to bring a vibrant, generative video art installation, "150 Media Stream," to life in Chicago.

Forty-eight individual panels, made of five layers of ¾-inch Starphire glass, capture the voices of disabled veterans.
Remembrance Through Public Installation—15 Memorials Built This Century

We asked several experts within the SEGD community for their picks of the most memorable and moving experiential graphic design in the context of memorials.

Pathways at  Allen Institute for Brain Science
Studio SC Creates Pathways at the Allen Institute for Brain Science

How do you create a thoughtful, dramatic public installation that is simultaneously high-science and curiously low-tech? Studio SC (Seattle) teamed up with the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Perkins+Will to transform a busy South Lake Union corner with illuminated neural “Pathways.”

Meraas City Walk Image
100 Million Pixels in Dubai at Float4’s City Walk

Read Time: 8 minutes

City Walk is a remarkable pedestrian experience, even in Dubai where grandiose, dazzling projects abound. In addition to its arresting visual and experiential content, City Walk is notable because of its strategic “future-proof” head-end system designed by Float4.

The entrance to the Hyundai Card Music Library and Understage, featuring a mural by JR
2017 SEGD Global Design Awards Categories Explained

The SEGD Global Design Awards were launched in 1987 to demonstrate how design improves the quality of life for people everywhere by creating memorable experiences in places where we work, play, sho

Best Content of 2016 Graphic
SEGD's Best Content of 2016

2016 was a busy year for our members and followers, so you probably haven’t read or watched each and every one of the over 1,000 pieces of new content posted on over the last 12 months.

ANZAC Memorial at Buchanan Park (by Dotdash)
Saluting ANZAC Day at Buchanan Park War Memorial

Australians and New Zealanders celebrated ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day this week—the anniversary of the landing of military troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, in World War I on April 25, 1915. Dotdash (Brisbane) had extra cause for celebration this year: the newly opened ANZAC Memorial at Buchanan Park in Burpengary, Queensland.

American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial
Placemaking and Peacemaking at a Living Memorial

Memorials are a delicate balancing act, an uncomfortable abstraction made real in stone and bronze. They must pay tribute to the dead while relaying history and inspiring hope in future generations of the living. They must eloquently tell a story, create a memorable place and mark a moment in time. The new American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial does all those things, with a substantial addition. This memorial was designed to celebrate the living.

Crown Fountain at Millennium Park, Chicago
15 Digital Technology Projects that Transformed Public Spaces Forever

Perhaps the tipping point was in 2004, when artist Jaume Plensa created the giant pixelated portraits of Chicagoans spouting water from Crown Fountain in Millennium Park. Today, new digital technologies and connected data are making cities more open, efficient, and engaging--and changing the way we act and interact in public spaces. We’ll cover the cityscape and digital technology at Xlab 2015—Nov. 5-6 in NYC; you'll want to be there!

Nik Hafermaas at the 2015 SEGD Conference
Pushing the Boundaries with Nik Hafermaas

Creative risk-taking in Media, Technology, and Space. When he’s not running the graphic design department at Art Center College of Design, Nik Hafermaas is creating new ways to combine digital interactive media, high-tech materials, and architecture through his studio Ueberall. He says there is no better place for innovation—and risk-taking—than XGD.

Puzzle Facade
Puzzle Facade

Remember that Rubik's Cube you burned thousands of hours trying to figure out? Javier Lloret channeled the tantalizing, obsession-making tactile game into a building-size interactive puzzle.

Parc Blandan wayfinding and placemaking
Parc Blandan Wayfinding and Placemaking

Spot On

On a former military site, a new urban park in Lyon, France, provides access to history via playful sculptural signage.

Lyon, France’s “second city,” has many charms.

Battery Point Sculpture Trail

By the Numbers

Futago designs interpretive sculptures to mark an historic waterfront trail.

Coca Cola Museum
Atlanta Converging

From its roots as a railroad terminus to its current status as a poster city for urban redevelopment, Atlanta has always been shaped by social, cultural, and historical convergence.

Lance Wyman's seminal 1968 Olympics Graphic Identity
1968 Mexico City Olympics

Summer of ‘68

Almost a half-century later, Lance Wyman’s graphics program for the 1968 Mexico City Olympic games is still considered Gold medal-worthy.

40 Great Moments in Environmental Graphic Design

40 Great Moments in EGD

From the Paris Metro to wayfinding apps, EGD continues to do what it has always done: connect people to place.

San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2, Environmental Graphics and Wayfinding

Above and Beyond

A sleek new San Francisco International Airport terminal exceeds LEED goals and engages passengers in the joys of sustainable travel.   

Photo of the Burning Man efigy on top of a pyramid in the Desert
Burning Man

Playing with Fire

Burning Man is an anarchistic art festival, pop-up city, and laboratory for social experimentation.

White Road: Waiting for the Rain Typographic Installation

Waiting for the Rain

Studio Rašić's land art installation at a Croatian sculpture park waits to receive the gifts of nature.

Urban Tales Typography Installation

From Here to There

Massey University student Katie Bevin creates a typographic installation that combines ancient technology with new-age social networking.

Dream Cube 2010 World Expo Pavilion

Designing the Dream Cube

ESI Design’s digital dreamscape delighted visitors to Shanghai’s World Expo 2010.

Bicycle Trail Signage and Environmental Graphics

Trail Blazers

Guided by the economic downturn, rising gas prices, and the quest for physical fitness, bike trail signage comes of age.

Projection Mapping

Performance Architecture

Using landmark spaces as digital canvas, projection mapping is trompe l'oeil on a gigantic, pulsating scale. Where will it take us next?

San Jose International Airport Art +Technology Program

In Transition

Breaking out of their role as generic waystations, airports are creating compelling experiences with public art, interpretive storytelling, and environmental graphics.

Many of us are filled with dread at the thought of having to spend an inordinate amount of time at an airport.

Montreal Environmental Graphics and Public Art

Montréal Inside Out

The publisher of Quebec’s urban design magazine shows us his Montreal, from historic signs and pothole art to the revitalized Quartier des Spectacles.

Rwanda Village Graphics by Alan Jacobson
Rwanda Survivors Village Branding

The Color of Hope

Art and design projects nurture hope and healing in Rwandan genocide survivors.

A little color can be a very powerful thing. 

Los Angeles Police Department Memorial to Fallen Officers
Los Angeles Police Department Memorial to Fallen Officers

Badge of Honor

An officer’s badge inspires a shimmering tribute to the LAPD’s fallen officers.

Photo of the cathedral of christ the light
Cathedral of Christ the Light

Light Divine

Stone Carving in Washington, D.C.

Carved in Time

Washington, D.C.’s modern-day memorials capture moments in history using a timeless vocabulary: the ancient art of stone-carved letters. 

National Harbor

On the Waterfront

With the help of environmental graphics, urban design, and public art, National Harbor makes a lasting mark on a blighted stretch of the Potomac.

American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

A Living Memorial

Tweet Street
Tweet Street Park

Tweet Street

Colorful environmental graphics make an urban San Diego park sing.

Comcast Center Digital Experience

Where [Digital] Worlds Collide

Beijing Aquatic Center
Interactive Architecture

Interactive Architecture

In the age of knowledge, architecture is the storyteller.

Participatory Public Art

Putting the “Public” in Public Art

From the SEGD archives, a new era of public art is collaborative, viral, and above all participatory.

Traditional public art is an interesting contradiction in terms—one that often has very little to do with the public, says Andrew Shoben, founder of Greyworld, a London-based artists’ group that creates installations in public spaces.

Night time photo of Drive By in LA by Electroland
Drive By Installation

Car Talk

Electroland’s LED installation comments on Los Angeles’ love affair with cars and movies.

The One-Day Poem Pavilion is a site-specific installation that harnesses the rotation of the earth to create "shadow poems" projected through hundreds of perforations in the dome-shaped shelter.
One Day Poem Pavilion

Poetry in Motion

A “slow media” installation allows visitors to interact with light, shadow, words, and the pull of the earth.

Graffiti: The Writing on the Wall

The Writing on the Wall. Born in subversion, graffiti has gained the sanction of the fine art and corporate worlds alike. Environmental graphics was the next logical step.

Fabric Structures

No Boundaries

Fabric structures, the once and always lightweight workhorse, create a limitless design dimension.

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