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2020 SEGD Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW, Sept. 17-18

How do professionals who design and build experiential spaces create spaces that engage and connect people, when gathering is a risk and possible futures are unclear? SEGD’s two-day event fosters dialogues on designing public spaces that feel safe and welcoming amid the current global turmoil.

The Future of Museum, Exhibition and Experience Design

How Soon is Now? Designing Change
SEGD's month-long series of provocations and programs

A grid of eight images pertaining to the 2020 Global Design Awards Winners

2020 SEGD GLOBAL DESIGN AWARDS: Celebrating Design that Connects People to Place

2020 SEGD Fellow and Achievement Award Winners Announced

Since 1987, the Society for Experiential Graphic Design, SEGD, has honored the individuals, companies, and institutions whose work has significantly advanced the environmental and experiential

2020 Present Yourself—portfolio reviews and professional mentoring

Read Time: 2 minutes
Present Yourself is SEGD’s newest initiative connecting students to their future careers and providing mentorship opportunities for professionals as well as links to the next wave of talent.

2020 SEGD Management + Leadership event press release

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A New Take on A Great Event
A COUCH SOMEWHERE— The SEGD Management + Leadership Take 20 event, held virtually on Thursday, April 24, will provide a holistic approach to running business, growing a successful legacy, and incorporating today's trends.

CEO Search logo

Association Releases Position Profile in Search for New Chief Executive Officer

2020 Branded Environments press release image

LAS VEGAS– The SEGD Branded Environments event returns to the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas for the fourth year in a row by popular demand with a diverse lineup of speakers, tour

SEGD CEO Search 2020

Association Initiates Search for New Chief Executive Officer

SEGD Welcomes 2020 Board of Directors

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) recently announced its 2020 Board of Di

The Future of Experience & Place: 2019 SEGD Xlab, Brooklyn, Nov. 7-8

Read Time: 2.5 minutes

You've already got your Xlab 2019 ticket, but how do you get your colleague, friend or peer in-the-know so they don't miss out on an amazing lineup of EGD speakers, experiential NYC tours and one unique keynote session by an economist who has been putting value in the experience industry for 20 years? Save them from the FOMO and send them a link to this press release! Too much is at stake.

2019 Merit Award - Pentagram

During the 2019 SEGD Conference Experience Austin, winners of the 2019 SEGD Achievement Awards were announced and celebrated at the largest annual gathering of members of the experiential graph

A rid of eight images from the 2019 Global Design Awards Winners

2019 SEGD GLOBAL DESIGN AWARDS: Celebrating Design that Connects People to Place

The SEGD Conference is Coming to Austin (image: Austin, Texas skyline)

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WASHINGTON—The 2019 SEGD Conference Experience Austin is poised to bring three inspirational days of experiential graphic design programming to the local and international community in the "Lone Star State" June 6–8.

SEGD Business and Leadership Promo 2019

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CHICAGO—The 2019 SEGD Business & Leadership event, held on Friday, April 26 in Chicago, promises to teach, inspire and connect designers.

SEGD Branded Environments Promo 2019

LAS VEGAS– The SEGD Branded Environments event returns to the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas for the third year in a row by popular demand with a diverse lineup of speakers, tour o

SEGD 2019 Board of Directors

Washington— SEGD recently announced its 2019 Board of Directorsincluding the departure of three

2019 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury Announced

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2019 SEGD Global Design Awards Opens for Entries

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Awards to honor excellence in experiential graphic design connecting people to place

The Future of Storytelling: 2018 SEGD Xlab, Brooklyn, Nov. 1–2

NEW YORK—The final event of 2018 New York Digital Signage Week,SEGD’s eighth-annual digital experiential design gathering, Xlab, will be hel

The Future of Museum, Exhibition and Experience Design—This August in D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—On August 23–24, 2018, multidisciplinary designers will convene in the nation’s capital for the only comprehensive event dedicated to exhibition and experience design.

2018 SEGD Fellow and Achievement Award Winners Announced

During the 2018 SEGD Conference Experience Minneapolis, winners of the 2018 SEGD Achievement Awards were announced and celebrated at the largest annual gathering of members of the experiential

2018 SEGD Global Design Awards

WASHINGTON— Winning projects in the 2018 SEGD Global Design Awardswere announced on June 9 at the

Join us at the 2018 SEGD Wayfinding and Placemaking event in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES—Wayfinding and placemaking design continue to be the heart of experiential graphic design practice worldwide.

2018 SEGD Conference to Convene in Minneapolis

The 2018 SEGD Conference Experience Minneapolis will bring together the international experiential graphic design community in the “City of Lakes” June 7–9, for three inspiring days of programming.

Design for Brand Centric Customer Experiences the Focus of SEGD's Branded Environments Event at DSE 2018

Back by popular demand, the 2018 SEGD Branded Environments event will feature a diverse global line-up of designers challenging traditional expectations of how brand impacts environment.

SEGD President Bryan Meszaros and Board of Directors

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Bryan Meszaros,award-winning designer and founder and CEO of OpenEye Global—a digital experience design agency with offices in New York, Seattle and London—will lend his leadership talent to the position of President of the Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD).

2018 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury Announced

Christina Lyons of the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York) leads the multidisciplinary team of acclaimed designers.

2018 SEGD Global Design Awards Set to Open for Entries on Dec. 1

The 2018 SEGD Global Design Awards, the only international awards program focused on user experiences in the built environment, will officially open for entries on December 1, 2017.

Register now to attend 2017 SEGD Xlab

NEW YORK—SEGD’s Xlab returns this November to New York as the final event of New York Digital Signage Week.This year’s theme


MIAMI — During the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami, winners of the 2017 SEGD Achievement Awards were announced and celebrated among the largest annual gathering of members of the exp


BOSTON— Transportation, urban and campus environments are complex spaces, which have an increasing need for innovative signage and wayfinding solutions employing best practices and the lat

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 SEGD Global Design Awards!

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Winning projects in the 2017 SEGD Global Design Awards were announced on June 10 at the

Design legend Lance Wyman will headline the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience.

SEGD Announces Educational Programming for 2017 Conference

2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami

SEGD Conference Celebrates Experiential Design in the Magic City

2017 SEGD Design Awards Jury

Paul McConnell of Intersection (New York) heads the acclaimed multidisciplinary design task force.

2017 SEGD Global Design Awards

Awards Program to Honor Design that Connects People to Place

Photos of the 2016-2017 SEGD Boards

New York— At a meeting last week, SEGD's  current Board of Directorscelebrated notable changes to the Boar


NEW YORK – At Xlab 2016—October 27-28 in New York City—thought leaders from cutting-edge firms will convey a fundamental sense of where increasingly techn


WASHINGTON, DC—Experiences like museum exhibitions are evolving rapidly.


SEATTLE– During the 2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle, winners of the 2016 SEGD Excellence Awards were announced and celebrated among the largest annual gathering of members of the e


WASHINGTON, DC – In a world that is increasingly complex visually, designers are experimenting with ways to enhance users’ enjoyment of the “real” world with creative experiential designs


Seattle—From its humble beginnings as a lumber town to its boom-and-bust days of Klondike gold, ship and airplane building, grunge rock and tech start-ups, Seattle has matured into a sophi




Stephen Minning of BrandCulture (Sydney) leads a team of eight acclaimed multidisciplinary designers.


NEW YORK –  Artists, hackers, coders, and entrepreneurs are transforming the ways we connect with each other in the digital and physical worlds and disrupting the very nature of experience design. They’ll gather at Xlab 2015—Nov. 5-6 in NYC—to share how they’re using platforms like virtual reality, messaging, wearable technology, beacons, and data to connect people and place.


LOS ANGELES – In today’s uber-competitive global marketplace, effective use of design and brand is a powerful differentiator.


WASHINGTON, DC – In a world increasingly enabled by digital technology, designers are continuing to experiment with ways to integrate electronic and traditional media.


Design innovators headline 2015 SEGD "Experience" Conference June 4-6


CHICAGO (March 19, 2015) — Chicago has long been considered a hub for architecture, design, and innovation, and the 2015 SEGD Conference: Experience Chicago will gather here June 4-6 to fo


SAN FRANCISCO— (March 4, 2015) In the age of Big Data and Smart Cities, how will signage and wayfinding hook into connected systems that help users navigate cities, campuses, and other com


LAS VEGAS – Nowhere is digital technology making more of an impact than in retail stores, airports, malls, and other shopping and entertainment venues—where dynamic interaction, custo


WASHINGTON, DC (December 9, 2014)  – Graham Hanson, founder and president of New


WASHINGTON, DC (24 Nov 2014)  – The SEGD Global Design Awards, since 1987 the standard of excellence for environmental and experiential graphic design, have launched for 2015 with new


NEW YORK (25 Sep 2014)  — For designers practicing in visual communication, the built environment, or consumer brands, the world is changing fast.


NEW YORK (8 Sep 2014) — Call it digital marketing, digital storytelling, or immersive experiences.


WASHINGTON, DC – Museum directors, designers, technology integrators, architects, and media developers will converge in the world’s museum capital August 21-22 to explore how technology, s


From High Art to Walmart: SEGD Workshop Explores the Converging Worlds of Exhibition and Experience Design

E&E Workshop scheduled for August 21-22 in Washington, D.C.


SEGD Launches “Xplore” Design Content Portal

New resource highlights the dynamic and convergent discipline of XGD.


2014 SEGD Global Design Awards: Digital Technology and Connecting to Place

SEGD announces winners of global Experiential Graphic Design awards.


Experiential Graphic Design event opens June 5 in Atlanta.


SEGD Well Conference Comes to Cincinnati

Design leaders gather at SEGD Well conference to transform patient experiences through innovation and branding


SEGD Defines New Categories for Global Design Awards

Entry deadline is January 31, 2014


(September 30, 2013) NEW YORK — Designers will play a powerful role in reinventing our cities, using new technologies, new platforms, and new notions of community to create immersive and e

2013 XLab Banner

(August 9, 2013) NEW YORK - As we move inexorably toward the Internet of Things--where every object from commercial airliners to toaster ovens is connected to the Internet--how wi


(June 13, 2013)  WASHINGTON, DC -- Whether designed to guide people through a complex hospital building, make art more fun and accessible for museum visitors, or brand a government of


(May 2, 2013) SAN FRANCISCO -- Pentagram partner Natasha Jen, whose graphic design work is noted for crossing the boundaries of media, discipline, and culture, will be a featured speaker a

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