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Experiential Graphics and Trauma-Informed Design: Supporting the Whole Child

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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 34.8 million children in the United States have experienced some form of trauma – an adverse event that has long-lasting effects on their well-being, self-esteem, and ability to learn. Trauma-Informed Design (TID), a series of patterns which address the needs of the Whole Child, is quickly gaining traction as a series of design patterns that best help our children build resilience and become ready to learn. Bassetti Architects based in Seattle and Portland, has created a downloadable open-source Trauma-Informed Design Workbook, and Experiential Graphic Design (EGD) plays an important role in the design of these spaces.

Place Branding in a Post-Lockdown World

Read Time: 6.5 minutes
By Tim Hill, Client Development Director at Noë & Associates, and Alison Richings, Wayfinding Design Director at Endpoint
Having enforced time away from all of those distractions of life has helped us think more consciously about how and where we choose to live, work, socialize and spend our money in the soon to come post-lockdown world. For developers, urban planners, and architects the challenge will be creating living and working spaces that are both strategically and creatively attuned to a new world.

SEGD's 2017 Technology Roadmap for Experiential Graphic Design

We live in a technologically driven society. Much of the value created in business today is underpinned by advances in technology: The economy is driven by increases in productivity and those productivity gains are driven by advances in technology. Unless you live in a cave, it is hard to escape the effects of technological advancement.

Branded Environments 2017 Tour T-Mobile Arena

This year’s decision to bring the topic of Branded Environments to DSE was made to strategically expose as wide an audience as possible to the value that brand integration brings to environments, spaces, communities and places. That clearly resonated with attendees with an increase of over 50% in registrations.

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