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Below, we explore how neon works, its architectural history, and how architects can continue to use it today.

Civilizations have recognized copper’s antimicrobial properties for centuries. It’s time to bring the material back.

Having been utilized as early as the Roman era in buildings of almost every scale, it is almost impossible to think of a building that does not have at least one concrete element. 

Substance by Adobe is fast becoming the go-to resource for material textures in the architectural visualization industry, and when one feasts their eyes on the following images, it’s not hard to se

Videos of a new product being called an invisibility cloak recently surfaced online.

Malta, a town in Latvia, could be hardly compared to its southern namesake in terms of climate, however, its landscape is equally beautiful.

Lighting manufacturers are offering systems allegedly attuned with our circadian rhythm. Three experts discuss whether these products have an impact.

Designers should stop using recycled plastic and instead use bioplastics made from natural materials such as algae if they want to reduce pollution, according to Istanbul Design Biennial curator Ja

The Sign Research Foundation (SRF) drew a capacity crowd to its first full-day university workshop earlier this fall, which coincided with the International Sign Association’s (ISA’s) Sign Manufact

Ultimately, whether our designs are sustainable comes down to the early decisions we make for the building, with our choice of materials having a huge effect on the overall carbon footpri

Car exhaust ink. 3D graphene. A brand new blue—and a brand new crayon.

The art installations, which are located along UBC's main mall walkway, work in a way that is similar to invisible ink.

Wu Chi-kai started in the business 30 years ago and, despite newer technology and government regulations, is still kept busy today.

Perkins+Will, the global architecture and design firm that ignited the industry movement toward healthier building materials with its 2008 Precautionary List and 2011 Transparency website, unveiled

The installation celebrates the 70th anniversary of Vestre, a Norwegian family-driven furniture manufacturer known for its colorful, high-quality and long-lasting designs.

Materia offers an amazing library of highly innovative materials like these made from coconut fibers.

JR Creates amazing large fabric sculptures in Rio for the Olympics.

There were hundreds of technological breakthroughs on view at Siggraph, the graphics conference that took place in Anaheim, California, in July.

HP launches its first 3-D printer.

Stefano Boeri designs a tree made from 3M materials that he hopes will influence the creative approach to design in public spaces.

Robots to 3D print a steel bridge in Amsterdam. Could this be a clue to the future of pylons and public sculpture? Technology has always influenced design, let's see how this one plays out.

Imagine bringing your idea to life in wire framed 3D right there on your page!

This is of significance to XGD only because it represents a milestone in the use of 3-D printing that we should be aware of.

Makerbot has released an App to produce simple 3-D printed objects such as small signs.

Hong Kong's visual arts museum has produced a documentary on the art and craft of neon. 

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