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Of all the steps a city can take to make itself more pedestrian-friendly, developing a integral system of signage is both a quick and easy improvement that makes a world of difference--as shown by

As in-store technology continues to evolve, retailers are recognizing the need and opportunity to know everything that's happening in the store.

The company uses modelling tools to give public agencies a comprehensive portrait of how, why, and where people travel across the city.

Major cities are facing major crises. The United Nations estimates that by 2050, almost one billion people with disabilities will live in cities, representing 15% of total city dwellers.

The entities have teamed up to expand the reach of Gozio's mobile wayfinding platform, which includes interactive maps and other features, to health systems nationwide.

On Monday, Google Maps, the leading online map system in the world and a brand from Google, announced that they want to make it easier for people to find their way in busy urban spaces by using lar

So much.

You can use it to visualize any type of location-based data.

Metro and subway maps can tell us a lot about cities. What these "maps" rarely tell you with any reliability, though, is the actual geography of the city itself.

John Hanke and Brian McClendon think mapping is vital to self-driving cars and augmented reality.

MapSwipe’s clever design encourages users to map remote locations, helping aid workers find people during humanitarian crises.

Creating 3D maps of all city streetscapes is paramount to the future of self-driving cars. While we’re at it, can it also be helpful for cities?

Imagine if New York’s subway map had only three colors.

A new gif shows the speed at which China's metro systems have been developed.

Wayne Hunt Recently conducted a tour of the National Mall for the SEGD Experience and Exhibition Workshop.

Paris-based architect Jug Cerovic has been reworking subway maps for the world's major cities. He started with his home city of Belgrade and proceeded to redo the Paris Metro map.

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