Interactive Experience SEGD Global Design Awards

The Record Player

The Icelandic Museum of Rock 'n' Roll has, since 2014, portrayed the history of Icelandic pop and rock music from 1830 to the present.

Gore Capabilities Center

W.L. Gore & Associates’ new Capabilities Center is a comprehensive and interactive spatial and interpretive experience at the company’s Newark, Delaware location.

The Epicenter

No Matter the Magnitude, We can Prepare.

'What Counts'

Who We Are: Visualizing NYC By the Numbers is a new exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York that explores and highlights the importance of the upcoming 2020 Census.

Bodies in Motion

Bodies in Motion is an immersive light installation created by Todd Bracher and Studio TheGreenEyl for Humanscale at Milan Design Week 2019.

McDonald's Headquarters Interactives

Leviathan collaborated with McDonald's Agency One TwentyThree, to build a suite of digital learning tools forMcDonald's new global headquarters.

The Incas, Treasures of Peru

From prehistory to the contemporary era, the museum invites the public to explore the captivating world of ancient cultures of Peru through the Inca civilization renowned for rich culture, craftsma

Tillamook Creamery Visitor Experience

Tillamook Creamery Association wanted to create an updated visitor experience at their popular creamery and tasting room for the over 1.3 million tourists they see each year.

YouTube Lobby

YouTube approached the design team, requesting a cohesive lobby experience that would unify the space with their brand.

City Explorer at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital

As a child patient, the hospital can be scary and lonely. Decisions are made for and about you that you may not understand, by people you don’t know.

Heart of Iceland

Thingvellir is a natural wonder, situated on the tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Museum of The American Revolution

Over the last decade, Bluecadet has helped the Museum of the American Revolution develop their identity through graphics and interactive experiences that reaffirm their mission to tell the complete

Jameson Distillery Bow St.

Jameson Distillery Bow St. is the ultimate Jameson brand home experience in the newly restored historical building where John Jameson began distilling whiskey in 1780.

Coty Fume Scent Lounge

The Fume Scent Lounge is a new experiential retail concept providing customers with a new multi-sensory way of experiencing fragrance.


The design team partnered with the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York to create the signature digital experience for the 60th annual Mad Ball gala, their most important fundraiser.

Planet MTL Exhibition

Planet MTL is an innovative educational exhibition that challenges visitors to consider what they love about their city in the context of what makes their city livable, lovable and sustainable desp

Viega Interactive Learning Center

Viega, a global leader in plumbing and heating technology, wanted to update the product showroom at their training facility in New Hampshire.

Missing Voices

Princeton posed a difficult problem: Create a “marker” to celebrate President Woodrow Wilson that deals effectively with both his positive and negative qualities.

LEGO House

In the small Danish town of Billund, the LEGO Group has placed its iconic LEGO® House, where guests can engage in unique LEGO play experiences, learn about the company behind one of the world’s mos

“As We Are” Interactive Digital Sculpture

“As We Are” is an interactive digital sculpture that provides an opportunity for visitors, whether local or from far away, to engage with the community and ultimately become part of it.

Out of Line

“Drawing can give form to thoughts, lead to new ideas, make the invisible visible, and be the means to dream. This studio is a place to use drawing as a tool in these ways and more.”

Exploring Pueblo Pottery
Fred Hutch Visitor Center

This first-ever visitor center for the globally-recognized Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center was carved out of a defunct, 550-square-foot credit union space on the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Resea

Nest Experience

“Nest” is a return home to the first Nestlé factory.

Who, Like Me, Is Threatened?

In 2014, the Center for Civil and Human Rights opened in Atlanta as a place for education, connection, collaboration and action.

The Segregated Lunch Counter and Panorama of the Civil Rights Movement

The National Museum of African American History and Culture’s goal with the “Segregated Lunch Counter” interactive was to teach visitors about the methods and organizational approaches used by acti


LOOK/HEAR was a student project installed at the Fred Lazarus IV Center Leidy Gallery that explores the relationship between scenes and soundscapes, looking and hearing.


DinoStomp is an experience in which up to ten users can interact with dinosaurs from all Mesozoic eras within an imaginary 3D landscape. It is set in the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’s DinoLab exhibition space.

Libbie Mill Library

For more than 400 years, Henrico County, Virginia, has been defined by the independent spirit of its people.

Powering the Future

Powering the Future is an appealing new destination, en route to the UNESCO heritage site fiingvellir, and located on the banks of the Sog river, where the water that fuels the power station is a pr

ARoS Public

ARoS Public is a radical rethinking of the museum experience as a modern community center.

Decibel Electronic Audio+Art Festival featuring Optic Symphony

Optic Symphony is an interactive installation designed for the Decibel Electronic Audio+Art Festival. How do musicians listen to music? Inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia, this

JetBlue Junior Children's Play Area

JetBlue’s aviation-themed interactive play space at JFK’s Terminal 5i is designed to delight and educate children from age 2 to 12 with hands-on and digital activities, keeping them engaged and ent

 TIN airship ronaldmcdonaldhouse (c) Fred Ernst

The Juliana Children’s Hospital in The Hague (the Netherlands) is one of the largest pediatric hospitals in The Netherlands.

Interactive Books on Paul Gauguin

The Fondation Beyeler is a Swiss museum of modern art that ranks as one of the finest in the world.


For his thesis project in the MFA Graphic Design program at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Yu Chen wanted to explore graphic design beyond the two-dimensional plane.

e°FLOW Interactive Sculpture

E-paper technology is best known for its use in eReaders around the world.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The new Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg was designed as a national hub for human rights learning and discovery and a catalyst for a new era of global human rights leadership.

Target Open House

What will the connected home of the future look like?

Drawbot for Brian Eno

For her project as a graphic design student at ArtCenter College of Design, Pearlyn Lii aimed to push the boundaries between physical and digital space through an interactive installation dedicated

TING: Technology & Democracy

TING: Technology & Democracy was designed to explore the complex relationship between specific technologies—historic and emerging—and the development of democratic societies.

Eldheimar Volcano Museum Interactive Exhibits

The Eldheimar Volcano Museum is dedicated to one of Iceland’s biggest natural disasters: the Heimaey eruption of 1973. Interactive experiences designed by Gagarin encourage visitors to be "protagonist explorers" rather than passive consumers of information.

SkyPad™ Interactive Wall

SkyPad is a new interactive experience at Seattle's Space Needle that blends design and technology to give visitors both the inspiration and ability to share memories and build new experiences together in one of the world’s most iconic towers.


For his senior thesis in graphic design, Drexel University student Mike Garzarelli created CRYPTO, an interactive experience designed to teach visitors about cryptozoology.

Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

The new Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum invites visitors to engage with design by exploring, learning and creating design themselves.

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