Graphic Design SEGD Global Design Awards

New York Asian Film Festival

Founded in 2002, the New York Asian Film Festival is a multi-day event that features some of the finest films being made in the Asian film world, connecting New York’s most passionate film lovers w

OFFF Festival

OFFF (Open Flash Film Festival) is a rebrand of an existing film festival in Barcelona.

BRUTAL: Views from Brazil's Concrete Utopia

Graphic design student Tais Ghelli aimed to explore the boundaries of transmedia design with an exhibition on Brazilian Brutalist Architecture.

En-Gulf - Ecopoetics of the Gulf and Bay



Written Wor(l)ds

Written Wor(l)ds was part of Creative Mapping, a special topics course that brought together University of Houston MFA/BFA Graphic Design, School of Art and MFA/PhD Creative Writing, Department of

ReFrame x Frame

Architecture and graphic design students at the University of Houston collaborated with a steel manufacturer and a local park to create a micro-pavilion to house a sound art installation. The project demonstrated the potential use of office cubicle waste for disaster relief housing.

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