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More than 3 in 4 millennials (78%) would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event over buying something desirable.

52% of the Millennials buy experiences over goods and services. The experience economy is coming at us like an express train.

Inc Magazine explains the development of the Experience Economy in the USA. the younger generation is spending 4x more on Experiences versus products and services. Care to ignore that trend?

McKinsey weighs in with some financial analysis to help you underpin your next pitch.

The rich automotive heritage of Munich, Germany attracted Harman which will showcase its award-winning consumer and automotive audio brands at the experience store and event centre.

Local Projects explains why people crave mind-bending experiences at a time when screens mediate much of our lives.

"Like great companies, great cities need to think about user experience."

Samsung's new flagship store does not sell products. It allows you to participate in experiences.

Let's face it, Pixar knows how to tell a good story and they have been kind enough to they share some advice with us.

A Portland, Ore., company aims to revolutionize the user experience around on-demand healthcare.

The newly reopened Cooper Hewitt design museum is getting lots of attention around a new suite of exhibits with a highly digital focus.

This collection of interactive installations contain some really interesting ideas. Click on the videos to get a sense of the intraction, they will make a lot more sense.

Digital signage can do that? Interesting little factoid for you to use about the use of digital signage in a very simple form of experience design.

Business Week reports on the development of feedback systems in retail that mirror the development of web analytics 10 years ago that will lead to the design of new interfaces and engagements betwe

An inspirational perspective on the role that designers can play in changing the world as the creators of the experience and interface between technology and people as EGD moves from static analog

Sourab Vossoughi of ZIBA in Portland talks about the importance of creating retail experiences in brick and mortar stores with the Harvard Business Review.

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