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A guide from to educational options in Video Game Design.

The charity partnered with JCDecaux Australia, a subsidiary of outdoor advertiser JCDecaux, to craft a campaign in Sydney, Australia, which focused on the critical question, "R U OK?"

The sports fan experience has been evolving, with the help of technology, for years.

Designers are starting to think about how apps can clean up our messy privacy hygiene

BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage media players, today announced that it has expanded its list of available CMS partners in Control Cloud to include Embed Sign

It’s not a case of re-opening your physical or digital doors and letting the customers flow back in. 

Curated by Yuan Wang 

Join Mvix on August 19th, 2020, at 2:00 EST for a live review of user submitted content where they'll go over great examples and give suggestions for getting the most out of your digital signage.

In the wake of COVID-19, in which retailers worldwide shut down for months, retailers using AR are enjoying a 19% spike in customer engagement, according to data from Vertebrae, and the customer co

Mvix, a leading provider of turnkey digital signage solutions with free software, today announced a major price drop on two of its digital signage players. 

How do you think A.I. and machine learning will impact content development and management?

This product offers a critical first line of defense by instantly measuring body temperature without any human interaction.

Created by THE rAVe Agency in partnership with Zoom Video Communications, LAVNCH WEEK (pronounced “launch” week) is a five-day virtual event that combines keynote presentations, interactive panels

This touch technology, offering clarity, sensitive and drift-free response and continued operation even when scratched, has driven a change in public attitude towards touchscreens.

As we turn the page on the 2010s, there's a great deal of speculation about what this new decade will bring.

What technology will replace Quick Response (QR) codes in the future?

The emerging technologies and the increasing number of interactive displays and kiosk systems are making digital signage more and more efficient.

How a handful of traditional design programs are staying ahead of the curve

Physical spaces become the canvas for this Brooklyn-based experience design firm’s dynamic, data-driven visualizations.

The new lab will host community talks and exhibitions, workshops and offer rapid prototyping facilities for local and international designers.

Visix Inc. has won the Silver Davey Award for its custom interactive signage design at the Adele H. Stamp Student Union at the University of Maryland.

The Japanese word Bakeru means ‘transform,’ and the sentiments behind its usage are particularly important to the Northern Tohoku folk traditions that stress the eventuality of transmigration betwe

This webinar will detail is an alternative approach to display specification, an approach that considers displays not as a box but as a free-form canvas.

Design of the four-volume proposed masterplan by Sidewalk Labs that will transform the city’s eastern waterfront into one of the most innovative districts in the world.

Jon Emmony has installed a five-storey augmented reality experience, called Digital Falls, in the atrium of Selfridges department store in London.

With a chip that can track your every move, New York’s city-issued ID cards are about to take a seriously dystopian turn.

As in-store technology continues to evolve, retailers are recognizing the need and opportunity to know everything that's happening in the store.

Improving sustainability, encouraging community and helping people navigate the data economy are some of the things that media architecture can offer.

The company uses modelling tools to give public agencies a comprehensive portrait of how, why, and where people travel across the city.

As systems and tools to reimagine the built environment, they present diverse opportunities to rethink traditional workflows.

Deploying a digital signage network on any scale can be a long, involved process for a business. 

Digital signage vendors are constantly innovating and testing new tools, ranging from AI to dynamic content to responsive touchscreens.

Major cities are facing major crises. The United Nations estimates that by 2050, almost one billion people with disabilities will live in cities, representing 15% of total city dwellers.

Here are some guidelines for measuring your digital signage ROI.

One recent report notes that the total value of active infrastructure projects in the GCC alone has reached a staggering $1.14 trillion in 2019.

Opened in May 2019, the Barbican’s major new exhibition has been designed by Architects Tonkin Liu.

How will 5G affect the digital signage industry?

The market is expected to witness a CAGR of 8.0% over the forecast period, owing to increasing demand from end-use industries, which prominently include retail and healthcare, is anticipated to pro

The market is expected to witness a CAGR of 8.0% over the forecast period, owing to increasing demand from end-use industries, which prominently include retail and healthcare, is anticipated to pro

The market is expected to witness a CAGR of 8.0% over the forecast period, owing to increasing demand from end-use industries, which prominently include retail and healthcare, is anticipated to pro

Atlanta – Digital Signage Expo (DSE), the leading conference and trade show for digital display and interactive technology, has opened its call for speaker proposals and is accepting submissions fo

Will Ayers takes a look at how technology is influencing how we think about and navigate the built environment.

Alan Robles talks about how Gensler is exploring the future of the workplace powered by IoT, AR, the cloud and other digital technologies.

What’s the role of a designer in AI?

In today’s digital landscape, customer experience (CX) is much more than just customer service.

The entities have teamed up to expand the reach of Gozio's mobile wayfinding platform, which includes interactive maps and other features, to health systems nationwide.

The ideal time for retailers and franchisees is every three years, when equipment warranties expire, while concerns about costs can be managed with rental finance, writes Kevin Bierman.

The Solution to Your Dropped Calls Could Soon Transform the Smart City Model

The smart suitcase will warn the users of impending collisions while the app can help with navigation of the airport.

Travelers with disabilities will have a smoother journey to and through Edinburgh Airport thanks to these accessibility apps.

Designers can move easily between drawing in a virtual-reality environment and on their tablet using the latest update to Gravity Sketch.

Augmented reality isn’t just for gaming. While Pokemon Go! may have introduced the average person to this developing technology, it by no means represents its sole use.

To coincide with the launch of experience design handbook Worlds of Wonder, Anna Mitchell caught up with Stan Boshouwers, one half of the author duo behind the book, to explore how a space can tell

Sidewalk Labs has created a new signage system to explain the invisible sensors that are tracking you when you’re in public areas. But there’s still no way to opt out–besides leaving.

A Canadian civil liberties group is taking aim at all three tiers of government for allegedly allowing Sidewalk Labs to make decisions about citizens’ privacy in Toronto.

Digital Signage Expo 2019 wrapped with its second-highest attendance and highest number of end users in the show’s history.

As part of a significant renovation program at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sensory Interactive created a new digital media program for the stadium’s club-level restaurants

Alex Knoll's concept app could make getting around easier for people living with a disability.

Citizens would be happy to use part of their own tax contribution to fund solutions that address urban issues such as congestion.

What happened in Middletown could happen where you live.

The creators of Skatter believe their plugin constitutes a revolution for rendering vegetation.

As I kid, I found most museums to be stultifying!

One of the smart city’s most alluring features is its promise of innovation: It uses cutting-edge technology to transform municipal operations.

On Monday, Google Maps, the leading online map system in the world and a brand from Google, announced that they want to make it easier for people to find their way in busy urban spaces by using lar

What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?

It's not a matter of if the architecture profession will feel the impacts of artificial intelligence—it's a matter of when.

Objects have become more intelligent over the past 3 decades and it is acknowledged that the environment is slowly gaining intelligence as well. Where to from here?

Mae Jemison, the first woman of color to go into space, stood in the center of the room and prepared to become digital.

So much.

Dusty Duistermars of JLL’s Digital Solutions group. talks about the journey (yes, it is not a simple step) towards smart and intelligent workspaces.

In this installment of IFA's Smart City series, Marc Bielas provides four different sources of smart city media to frame your understanding of smart cities in 2019 and beyond.

This 30-minute webinar will discuss how technology is now being used on hotel and resort properties to better serve and enhance the guest experience, what emerging technologies are currently being

A holographic pyramid by SYNDICATE Architects has been selected as the winner of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art's Summer Cinema Pavilion competition.

Cities sometimes fail to make sure the technologies they adopt are accessible to everyone. Activists and startups are working to change that.

We look back at the top smart cities stories of 2018.

Samsung today announced that it has recently finished implementing its SMART Signage at the new Istanbul Airport, which will be the world’s largest airport once fully-completed, serving 200 million

Design leaders at Microsoft, Google, Ideo, Pentagram, Gensler, and more weigh in.

How do you see Artificial Intelligence (AI) figuring in the future of digital signage?

Dimensional Innovations (DI) partnered with Cabela’s for the opening of their newest location in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Go ahead, get that second beer. Call your Mom. You have time.

GPS continues to play a prominent role in innovative digital signage, and can help the transportation industry deliver a stronger customer experience.

The sneaker giant has an ambitious new goal: Woo people who hate shopping IRL.

Augmented reality is the unique process of taking an image and actively layering it over an existing surface in real time.

Cryptocurrency millionaire Jeffrey Berns has revealed plans to develop a large parcel of Nevada's desert into a smart city powered by blockchain technology.

The boutique design firm sells to DXC Technology for an undisclosed sum.

Retail is no longer about products; it’s about the relationship between a brand and its audience.

Smart Cities Week took place from October 2 - 4 in Washington, DC, gathering 1000 smart city leaders from both public and private sectors to discuss how to leverage technology to create cities bett

Featured as an art program installation at SXSW 2017, ‘Infinity’ is an immersive environment project by Refik Anadol that creates a perception of presence in a non-physical world.

The Smart Cities for All global initiative, a collaboration of the non-profits G3ict and World Enabled, has announced a new project to define a more inclusive approach to innovation for smarter cit

British set designer Es Devlin has been chosen to create the UK Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020, with a performative structure that will use artificial intelligence to write poems.

Digital technology has provided society with hundreds of advances that make life easier and better for everyone.

What are some of the ways to increase interaction with touchscreens?

Drone photography has been one of the biggest advancements in aerial photography and cinematography.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is set to be transformed through digital art projections by media artist Refik Anadol and Google Arts & Culture.

The debate about whether video games might be art has been around for about as long as pixels were being pushed around screens, and the entire industry is tired of it.

Digital signage turns the surfaces of your city and your office into stages.

Thousands of passengers have been forced to read flight information on whiteboards after a digital screen failure at London Gatwick airport blamed on IT supplier Vodafone.

Timber towers and smart pavement: Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs is sharing an early glimpse of its Toronto development.

The star of the new Netflix Hollywood building is its lobby, where a 1.9-millimeter, 13K, 80-foot by 12-foot LED display spanning two walls transports visitors onto the sets of programs such as Str

MTA Arts & Design, a digital artwork provider for the Metropolitan Transit Authority, recently unveiled its fifth digital signage artwork entitled Skyyys at the Futon Center Transportation Hub

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