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Now, some 200,000-plus objects chronicling more than 30 centuries of design history have made the jump from 91st street onto the internet.

Has a building, place or a public place made you feel excited, interested, melancholic or stressed? Do some people find a location stimulating, while others find it boring or even alarming?

The SEED Network is seeking college and university projects that evince the strategies and philosophies of public interest design pedagogy.

David Morgareidge of Page was interviewed by Design Intelligence about his work building a process analysis practice within the design firm Page. has released the latest iteration of the Design Toolkit, their Human Centered Design materials.

EDRA, the Environmental Design Research Association has a call for papers for their LA conference to be submitted before the 22 September.


Research on the Landscape of Accountable Healthcare from EDRA in conjunction with the New York School of Interior Design describes how a patient focus is changing an industry.

Why do images of nature have such a positive impact on us? Is it the colors? The patterns? Or the shapes?

A good discussion about megatrends and some great insights into the incorrect assumptions we make about how technology will change our daily lives.

This article is about the design of the wheelchair, but the methodology and practice area of healthcare design are very relevant to EGD/XGD in hospitals and offer some great insights for anyone wor

Michael Margolis of Google Ventures gives his 8 shortcut tips for doing Design Research more effectively.

in 2008 we crossed a landmark where there were more devices connected to the internet than there were people in the world and in the following 6 years, the number of devices has exploded to reach 1

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