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But as Wade + Leta learned, there are a few things they need to know to get those fla$hy brand jobs

Cadbury’s fight over 2865c raises many questions, like can a company own a Pantone color?

The fields of graphic design and semiotics are inextricably linked.

Pentagram's New York office has updated the visual identity for America's Library of Congress in Washington DC, with a shape-shifting logo that resembles stacks of books and bookends on a shelf.

Klim designed Geograph to live across the media company’s magazine, TV channel, and website.

According to designers from Brand Union, Local Projects, and more.

Clients invest more, and competition increases among creative shops.

Brand identity firm Matchstic has worked with Atlanta's Department of City Planning to redesign its branding and create new zoning signs around the city.

Could this reissue, an artifact of the past, become a symbol of U.S. designers in support of the environment?

In the 1970s, good design became federal policy.

In a new film, famous Canadian designers from the '60s and '70s will finally get their due.

Writing the second in a series for Adobe's, Prophet outlines three ways innovation can keep your brand "relentlessly relevant."

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