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Tapping into Opportunity: Designs for Community Refreshment

Read Time: 6 minutes
In her designs for a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) in Cincinnati’s Westwood neighborhood, SEGD member and contributing writer Lisa K. Bambach faced a big challenge: how to define an outdoor public drinking area without erecting barriers to separate the “legal” space from the “illegal.” To do this, Lisa designed a series of information touchpoints—digital, physical and even disposable—to alert imbibers about the DORA’s rules and boundaries. Read Lisa’s account to learn how she did this.

Equitable Public Space, More Important than Ever Before

Read Time: 2 minutes

Increasingly, we grasp the value of friendly, walkable neighborhoods and flexible open spaces—places where we can spend time outdoors with our kids, family members and neighbors (at an appropriate distance) during these times of crisis.

Wayne Hunt's "Waynefinding"

Read Time: 4 minutes
It's hard to get lost in Utah towns and cities. That is, after you learn the somewhat unusual system of street names and numbers.

Who will own the smart city?

By now you’ve probably seen those silver, black and blue monoliths on the streets of Manhattan. Looking like giant cell phones, they’re part of LinkNYC,the communication network CityBridge has installed in New York City as a replacement for 7,500 pay phones. These 10,000 electronic slabs are also something else: an early and somewhat faltering step on the road to the Smart City, dressed up now as a new class of street fixture.

Clearview on U.S. highway signs

The Federal Highway Administration’s turnaround on the use of Clearview—the typeface designed to improve highway sign legibility, especially for aging drivers—has state highway officials, Clearview designers and researchers frustrated and wondering how to push back the clock.

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