Healthcare Courses


Learn what's changing in healthcare, wayfinding and advancements towards patient experience in health facilities.


Kate Keating talks about how the use of pleasing colors, materials and forms boost positive energy throughout these types of facilities.


What you will learn:
Most major healthcare facilities are developing specific standards for information delivery. Learn about best practices and field research. 


Beginning with some of the earliest healthcare systems, you will delve into the development of design standards in hospitals, health systems, and government and learn how they have been exploited by designers.


This workshop focuses on branding and identity issues specifically related to the non-profit facility. Starting with general issues related to establishing an identity for non-profit institutions, delve deeper in leveraging that identity to improve wayfinding and interpretation.


Perfect for anyone focused on developing an identity at multiple levels. This course blends architecture, exhibit design, wayfinding, planning, and graphic design in an in-depth discussion of what a complete brand is, how an identity can be incorporated into a number of levels, and how identity effectiveness can be measured.




What you will Learn:
The Wayfinding and placemaking strategies of two hospital systems with different approaches are discussed in this Podcast.

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