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Creativity as Commodity—Co-op Culture
Creativity as Commodity—Co-op Culture

Read Time: 10 minutes

Ted Leonhardt sits down with SEGD for part three of a three-part series to discuss how creativity has been commoditized, how it affects designers and how to succeed in the current climate.

Bluecadet River Alive
Learning Through Making—Bluecadet and River Alive!

Read Time: 7 minutes

Bluecadet (Philadelphia) used the power of prototyping to lead the creation of a suite of digital experiences that support educational goals established by partners Habithèque and the Independence Seaport Museum for “River Alive!”

Siggi Bachmann to lead Design Thinking Workshop at the 2017 SEGD Conference
Embracing Design Thinking and the Ways You Think About Your Work

Back by popular demand, the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami will feature a Design Thinking workshop, led by Siggi Bachmann (Contexto/New World Symphony) and Justin Molloy (SEGD). During the June 9 breakout session, they will guide you through the Design Thinking process to transform the ways you think about your work. Here, Siggi Bachmann shares the role Design Thinking plays in shaping customer experiences, driving innovation and creating a culture of learners.

Best Content of 2016 Graphic
SEGD's Best Content of 2016

2016 was a busy year for our members and followers, so you probably haven’t read or watched each and every one of the over 1,000 pieces of new content posted on over the last 12 months.

Design Thinking at the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle
Design Thinking at the 2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle

In the business world, Design Thinking is now considered the gold standard for providing truly user-centered outcomes. In the world of Experiential Graphic Design, it is driving a shift from creating objects to creating strategies and processes for meeting user needs. SEGD’s first-ever Design Thinking workshop will happen during the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle June 9-11. Justin Molloy (SEGD) and Nils Wiberg (Gagarin) will guide you through the Design Thinking process and transform your ways of thinking about your work!

Urban Discovery Academy, San Diego
The Three R's Plus Design Thinking at San Diego's Urban Discovery Academy

The Urban Discovery Academy in downtown San Diego anchors the city’s emerging Innovation district and is a model for the power of Design Thinking.

Seattle Children's Hospital art and wayfinding program (Studio SC)
Art and Healing in Healthcare Environments [Intro to 3-part series]

Thanks to the growing use of evidence-based design in healthcare environments, elements such as natural light, views to nature and clear wayfinding are becoming the norm in hospitals and wellness centers. Art also has an important role to play in healthcare spaces—and in a three-part series, we explore its power in supporting wayfinding, creating a sense of place and easing stress for patients, families and staff. Explore Art and Healing in Healthcare Environments.

Seattle Children's Hospital art and wayfinding program (Studio SC)
Art and Healing in Healthcare Environments, Part 1: Integrating Art and Wayfinding

For Seattle Children’s Hospital, art is part of a formula that promotes wellbeing through architecture and interiors, green space and wayfinding. When the hospital opened a new wing in 2013, it was deemed critical to provide a wayfinding system that would help patients, families, visitors and staff find their way.

Vince Frost, Design Your Life
How Design Thinking Changed Vince Frost’s Life (and can change yours, too)

Vince Frost had been a designer for 25 years, built a successful global practice, and earned numerous accolades before he realized that design could actually help solve the ultimate problem: improving his personal life. He spoke with us about his new book Design Your Life—part typographic self-help guide, part essay collection on life and work and how to keep the two in balance.

From "SEGD Core Competencies and Subsequent Implications for Professional Practice," 2014 Communication + Place
User Research, Interaction, and Experience Design in 2015 SEGD Academic Journal

The 2015 issue of SEGD’s academic research journal Communication + Placecovers research on user engagement through signage design, an interdisciplinary approach to packaging design, the interplay between people and public art, and how EGD/XGD can activate small-town business districts.Communication + Place 2015 is available onlineand the 2016 Call for Papers has been issued.

Greater Good Studio and DK Foundation
Design Thinking for the Underserved

Changing Behavior, Changing the World

George Ayeand Sara Cantor Ayecreated Greater Good Studiobased on the core beliefs that research changes design, design changes behavior, and behavior changes the world. Both have backgrounds in engineering and design, and both are teachers (George is a tenure-track assistant professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, while Sara lectures regularly on social design at the Kellogg School of Management and the School of the Art Institute). They both left jobs in traditional design firms to co-found their small Chicago-based studio focused entirely on underserved populations.

SEGD Business of Design Summit 2015
The Future of Your Design Business

Today’s design landscape poses vastly different challenges than ever before, but also new and exciting possibilities for practitioners willing to be agile, adaptive, and opportunistic.

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