Entro's Modern Approach for MNP Tower

Entro MNP Tower

Entro (Toronto) designed a sleek, pared-down wayfind­ing program to match MNP Tower's modern struc­ture. An archi­tec­tural land­mark located in the busi­ness core of Vancouver’s harbor district designed by archi­tects Kohn Peder­sen Fox and owned by Oxford Prop­er­ties, the tower is cele­brated for its clear water­front views and strik­ing crest-like form.

The Entro-designed signage is constructed from refined mate­ri­als – frosted mirror glass and stain­less steel – that echo the modern archi­tec­ture. The thinly layered mate­ri­als and slim profile of the signs contributes to an elegance and profes­sion­al­ism that aligns with MNP Tower’s loca­tion and repu­ta­tion. Illu­mi­nated blue edging on the main exte­rior pylon sign adds an excit­ing accent color. Entro's mini­mal­ist approach gives prece­dence to the archi­tec­tural finishes (wood and stone) that form the impres­sive inte­rior.

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