Entro's Live Webinar: Placemaking in a Post-Pandemic World

Entro's Live Webinar: Placemaking in a Post-Pandemic World

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On Thursday, April 30, experiential design firm, Entro is hosting a 1-hour live webinar panel, "Placemaking in a Post-Pandemic World" from 12:00-1:00 EST.

In the time of COVID-19, global health policies restricting visitations to public places and social gatherings have resulted in a substantial shift in attitudes and behaviors towards place. With a greater focus on virtual spaces and remote offices, the practice of placemaking—connecting people to place—is undergoing an era of uncertain and rapid change.

While communities grapple with the widespread implications of the global pandemic, Entro hopes to anticipate the future of placemaking. What are the lessons being learnt as a result of this pandemic and how will those outcomes reshape the experiential design community's approach to the design of places and placemaking in the future?

Attendees will hear from five key industry leaders from various design firms and institutions, including SEGD's very own president, Anna Crider, Principal at Entro. Anyone can register and join the panelist for an inspiring conversation on how placemaking has changed in light of COVID-19, and how it will continue to change.

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