Entro To Release "Cultivating a Design Legacy: The First 50 Years"

Cultivating a Design Legacy

Entro is releasing a book titled "Cultivating a Design Legacy: The First 50 Years" that provides an overview of the first combined 50 years of project history of Entro and Gottschalk+Ash Toronto, the stylistic decades that determined the course of Canadian design, the milestones and the influencers that changed the industry significantly.

Beginning with Stuart Ash’s design of the 1967 Centennial symbol, the office of Gottschalk+Ash became a major leader and authority in graphic design in Canada. Inspired by the simplicity and timelessness of European design, G+A created and mobilized the brands of major clients such as American Airlines Arena, Air Canada Centre, Ontario Gaming and Lottery Corporation, Royal Bank, and Canada Post. In 2011 Entro, a leader then in signage and wayfinding, joined forces with G+A Toronto to continue to translate this sensibility to built spaces and introduce a new offering of "environmental branding."

Sharing their thoughts on design, key members from both firms reflect on their experiences working on these and other prominent projects over the years. They acknowledge the many brilliant and talented designers who came before them—stretching back to Europe in the 1930s—paving the way for Entro and G+A’s graphic design approach and philosophy. This book also celebrates the many partners and collaborators who have been integral to their project successes.

Tipping their hats to the decades that have influenced their own work, and acknowledging their duty to influence the next generation, co-founders of Entro Communications, Andrew Kuzyk and Wayne McCutcheon agree: “We have all been influenced by the great designers who came before us, and by our peers in the industry. We have influenced design in a positive way, and carry the torch for those who taught us, and pass down our knowledge, so that the legacy of great design will live on.”

"Cultivating a Design Legacy: The First 50 Years" will be released in early June and will be available for purchase online and at Swipe Bookstore or email [email protected] to reserve a copy. 

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