Entro Develops Centennial College Wayfinding

Centennial College wayfinding (Entro)

Entro (Toronto) developed new signage and wayfinding for the Story Arts Centre at Centen­nial College. The center is home to the college's School of Commu­ni­ca­tions, Media and Design.

The intent of the wayfinding program was to capture the vibrancy of the campus, while comple­ment­ing the unique mid-century modern architecture.

The program incor­po­rates play­ful, bold use of typog­ra­phy and color to empha­size key loca­tions on campus. Color-coding vari­ous zones empha­sizes campus desti­na­tions as well as hidden spaces within the build­ing. The result is an impactful color spectrum, partic­u­larly on the direc­tional wayfind­ing signage. Other sign­ types include iden­ti­fi­ca­tion signs for class­rooms, depart­ments and ameni­ties, along with regu­la­tory and direc­tional signage. The complete program repre­sents a 21st century take on what was previ­ously a tradi­tional mid-century approach.

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