Entro Designs Wayfinding for World's Busiest Urban Library

The Toronto Reference Library (TRL) is undergoing an expansion and revitalization that Entro (Toronto) is pleased to be a part of.

Located on Yonge Street, this architectural icon is the world’s busiest urban public library. Designed by Moriyama and Teshima Architects, the building renovations aim to transform the library experience and reposition the TRL at the heart of the community. Entro’s role in the TRL renovation has focused on the wayfinding design for the entire site, including appropriate naming of signage for the collections.

One of the spotlight areas recently completed is the Marilyn & Charles Baillie Special Collections Centre located on the fifth floor of the Library. The spectacular 2-story rotunda houses the library’s 1.9 million special collection items. The Centre also features the Arthur Conan Doyle Room, a tribute to the infamous author with multiple editions, translations, adaptations, and parodies of his work, complete with a Sherlock Holmes chess set manufactured in England.

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