Enter Now and Experience the Life-Changing Magic of the SEGD Global Design Awards

Katie Bevin speed-launched her design career. Anthony Vitagliano’s company attributes growth and new clients to winning. And Wendy Evans Joseph just keeps challenging herself year after year with the SEGD Global Design Awards. Winning is good. Winning is very, very good. Enter now and change YOUR life too!

Katie Bevin entered the SEGD Global Design Awards with her senior project at Massey University (Wellington, New Zealand). Her Urban Tales Shadow Typography installation won an Honor Award in 2011, and after attending the 2011 SEGD Conference to claim her award, she found herself in high demand as a junior designer.

“Entering the SEGD awards was definitely a turning point in my career,” says Bevin, who now works at Holmes Wood (London) after a stint with Frost* collective. “I was working as an intern in Sydney at the time I entered, looking for my next internship to move onto, when my teammates encouraged me to enter the competition. Winning the award gave me recognition within the large studio, and I feel this was definitely part of the reason I was offered a permanent job soon after winning the award.”

Anthony Vitagliano, director of experience design for Digital Kitchen (Chicago), was part of the team that created the epic "environmental mediascape" at Los Angeles International Airport's new Tom Bradley International Terminal—the project that won Best of Show in the 2014 SEGD Global Design Awards. Digital Kitchen has won numerous awards for its work, and sees the direct benefits.

“We definitely see more potential client interest and ultimately, more work coming our way due to our awards,” says Vitagliano. “There’s no denying the power of your work being recognized as ‘excellent’ by a highly respected jury of your peers.”

“SEGD runs a highly competitive program and to win is a great honor,” says Wendy Evans Joseph, Studio Joseph (New York) whose work has been honored for several years running.  She first won in 2010 and attended the SEGD Conference in Washington, D.C., to receive two awards that year. 

“I went to the meeting in Washington and very much enjoyed the conference and talking with people. I could see first-hand that SEGD is a very effective organization with high standards and decided to continue to submit my work.”

Joseph acknowledges that it takes a huge investment in time to enter the competition, but she strongly believes in sharing her work with others in the profession. Also, she notes,  “Putting together the submission is a good exercise in thinking about the design direction, what our goals were and how what we did solved the issues presented by our client.”

She says it’s also a good marketing strategy. And winning boosts team morale and is motivating. Clients love it, too.

“Our clients very much like knowing about the awards. For exhibition design, museum directors use this as a tool to talk with their funders/board for greater funding or to talk about attracting greater audiences. Recognition from SEGD helps us to get more work specifically in the exhibition field.”

In spite of the time and investment involved, Joseph highly recommends competitions as a marketing tool for other studios.

“Applying for awards is quite expensive. The entry fee is just the beginning…the time to put it together can be quite extensive. You have to consider it as a marketing tool, but also, you have to have the ambition to be at the top of the profession.”

Enter the 2016 SEGD Global Design Awards today and change YOUR life! Deadline for entries is Feb. 14, 2016!

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