Enhancing Wayfinding for Aging Travelers and Persons with Disabilities

Finalist 2018

The Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Research Report 177: Enhancing Airport Wayfinding for Aging Travelers and Persons with Disabilities provides guidance to assist aging travelers and persons with disabilities to travel independently within airports using pedestrian wayfinding systems. The guidebook addresses travel by people with cognitive, sensory, and other mobility challenges. (from the Transportation Research Board website, www.trb.org)


Design Firms: 

Gresham Smith


Airport Cooperative Research Program

Open Date: 

October 2017

Project Budget: 


Photo Credits: 

Gresham, Smith and Partners (photography)

Design Team: 

Jim Harding (principal investigator), John Florie (project coordinator), Jim Alderman (contributor), Wislon Rayfield (contributor), Thomas Vick (designer), Dr. Sheila Bosch (literature review), Sue Halford (editor)


Arora Engineers, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), University of South Florida, John Duval

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