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WBE Certified

Encompass Sign Systems is a woman-owned (WBE), wholesale sign company creating integrated commercial signage solutions by blending new-age, thermoformed tactile sign capabilities with leading-edge, European-style, extrusion directional and wayfinding systems.

From the beginning, the daily mission of the team at Encompass Sign has been to provide architects, designers and sign companies with the ability to envision and materialize unprecedented and integrated signage solutions for their clients and institutional facilities. Limitless-branding capabilities, unsurpassed durability and highly-scalable wayfinding systems predicated on a fractional cost-base model, with a lifetime guarantee.

Industry changing - Fabricating tactile signage via thermoform methodology disrupts traditional methods and enables transformative design capabilities, loaded with sustainable benefits.

Tried & true - True project-wide signage integration is now a reality when combining thermoformed interior signs with exterior Directory & Wayfinding systems from a 30-year-old European-based industry leader with on-trend and stylish solutions.

Mission accomplished for tens of thousands of sign installations already in 2014.

Encompass Sign Core Values- Represented through all Encompass processes

Quality manufacturing
We ensure your wholehearted satisfaction through the design of our products. Easier installation, improved durability, better aesthetics—your needs guide our manufacturing process, from conception to production.

Continuous innovation
We added 3 new products in 2014 and are always adding new products to keep pace with the constant changes in technology, usability and on-trend design. If a solution doesn’t exist yet, we will create one for you.

End-to-end Customer Service
Our cross-company responsibility is dedicated to ensuring that you have the best possible experience.

Industry leadership
Encompass is a founding member of the leading industry standards organizations ARTS Fabricators, giving us a full understanding of new standards and compliance issues—knowledge  that we infuse in our products and pass on to our clients. We also help our clients stay at the forefront of their industries, offering our expertise in their specific markets to ensure that they stay on the cutting edge.

Connect with Encompass and ImPress by Encompass on LinkedIn. Contact Phil Quattrocchi for more information.


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