Eloisa Ortiz

Eloisa Ortiz, Senior Associate, CallisonRTKL, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

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Eloisa Ortiz is a Senior Associate with RSM Design.

RSM Design, is an enthusiastic multi-disciplinary design collaborative with a major focus on the skillful marriage of the built environment with graphic identity. Although broad, RSM vows to keep the firm a manageable size to provide the best design services to all clients, while continuing to take on more challenging and involved projects, both large and small. The studio is a collaborative environment of team members from different fields of graphic design, architecture, interiors, and industrial design where exploration, commitment to innovation, and intellectual questioning are all encouraged.

There is a crossing of ideas among team members with a multitude of unique and varied backgrounds. RSM Design goes beyond the traditional confines of graphic and architectural design by engaging individuals who can create a richly detailed, multi-layered design with style and imagination. RSM Design has evolved into an eclectic team of passionate storytellers. Their solutions are about problem solving, fostered by developing synergistic relationships with the client and by continuing to ask better and more probing questions.

Eloisa Ortiz completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design from the Art Center College of Design. Her first job out of college was with Perceive where she designed a variety of projects focusing on brand identities, restaurant menus, annual reports, vehicle brochures, ad campaigns included naming, branding, magazine and newspaper ads. Eloisa Ortiz art directed photo shoots, copywriters, production artist, and interns.

This was followed by a stint at Quicksilver where Eloisa Ortiz designed a variety of projects such as posters, magazine ads and inserts, and billboards for both the US and international markets. She designed graphics for ROXY's snowboarding and surfing event signage including event posters, bill boards, ads, web banners, tee’s, flyers and stickers. Eloisa also did the graphics for in–store displays, window treatments, light boxes, mobiles and full wall graphics. Since then, Eloisa has worked with the likes of Hunt Design, CallisonRTKL, and now RSM. Eloisa has also had experience doing freelance design work in Environmental Graphics as well as traditional Print and Packaging.

Eloisa Ortiz is highly skilled at typography, graphic design, art direction, concept development, and is a certified LEED Associate. 

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