Ellen Bean Spurlock

Ellen Bean Spurlock, Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
San Francisco

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SEGD Wayfinding Event, April 14-15, 2016
Articles referencing Ellen Bean Spurlock: Your Map to SEGD’s 2016 Wayfinding Event [April 14-15 in Miami]

Co-chair for the San Francisco Chapter.

Ellen Bean Spurlock leads the day-to-day operations of the Bay Area studios of Media Objectives in their Palo Alto, Calif., office. 

Ellen Bean Spurlock brings a varied background with bachelor's and master's degrees in Industrial Design and Exhibition Design along with over 10 years of professional experience to the studio. She enjoys approaching projects from a holistic design viewpoint to fully understand her clients needs and develop cohesively branded results.

Ellen Bean Spurlock has worked on a wide range of projects including brand development, branded environments, signage and wayfinding systems, packaging design, product design, retail displays, tradeshow and educational exhibits, advertising and user interface for many national accounts. Her client list includes Google, Ebay, PayPal, SanDisk, VMware, Atlanta Braves, Ihop, Skanska, Snapple, Dr Pepper, Toyota, Kiss My Face, PrimaLoft, and The American Red Cross among others.

See more of Ellen Bean Spurlock's portfolioand work at Media Objectives. Connect with Ellen on LinkedIn.


SEGD sign greets attendees to the SEGD 2016 Wayfinding Event at Miami International Airport

Now that's the way to greet the SEGD wayfinding community!

It's not every day that SEGD gets to take over the main sign to the entrance of an airport. Especially Miami International Airport, the second largest airport in the country with just over 44 million passengers last year!

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2016 Wayfinding - Dialogue : Defining Spaces for All Ages: Workplace & Education Wayfinding

2016 Wayfinding - Defining Spaces for All Ages : Workplace Wayfinding - Joe Lawton & Ellen Bean Spurlock

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