Ellen Bean Spurlock

Ellen Bean Spurlock
Washington D.C.

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With a combined background in both Industrial Design and Exhibition Design, Ellen Spurlock has, through the course of her career, found a passion in helping clients and colleagues effectively utilize the creative process – identifying a problem and cleverly solving it through exploration. Along with beginning her career in New York, Ellen has also worked in Atlanta and most recently San Francisco where she served as the SEGD Chapter Co-Chair and was the Studio Director for Media Objective’s award-winning California Office.

Lured back to the East Coast, Ellen Spurlock is now building Little’s Brand Communication and Design team in their Arlington, VA office. She continues to serve as an active mentor and volunteer with SEGD, helping all chapters with programming. Ellen has worked across a variety project types including retail, workplace, hospitality, and healthcare with many notable clients including Adobe, Google, Paypal and YMCA.  

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