Elisabetta Carattin

Elisabetta Carattin

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Architect, Ph.D., Traveler.  Expert in Safety (fire and evacuation),  Wayfinding and Usability of the built environment.

Elisabetta Carattin is a licensed professional architect and has her  Ph.D. in Architectural Technologies from IUAV University of Venice. She has worked, since 2006, as a researcher and teaching assistant in the field of architectural technologies and materials, expecially in the field of fire safety, accessibility and sustainablity.

Her principal interest is the interaction of the built environment with the safe design and use of structures. To this date her research has been into wayfinding in a variety of settings and fires related to a variety of architectural materials, systems and design. A published expert and lecturer on wayfinding criteria for built environments as well as human behavior in emergencies. Elisabetta Carattin focuses her research efforts particularly on wayfinding specific to emergency egress in complex environments.

Selected publications
Carattin E., Brannigan V., Science or Science Fiction? The Use of Human Behavioral Models in Fire Safety Regulation, in Interflam 2013. Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference, Interscience Comms, London, UK,  2013, pp. 553-558

Carattin E., Brannigan V., Controlled evacuation in historical and cultural structures: requirements, limitations and the potential for evacuation models, in Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Human Behavior in Fire 2012, Interscience Comms, London, UK, 2012, pp. 447-459

Carattin E., Labate E., Meneghetti C., Pazzaglia F., Tatano V., Human Wayfinding Abilities to Reach an Area of Refuge in a Virtual Environment, in Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Human Behavior in Fire 2012, Interscience Comms, London, 2012, pp. 557-563

Carattin E., Wayfinding architectural criteria for the design of complex environments in emergency   scenarios, in Evacuation and human behavior in emergency situations. Advanced research workshop proceedings (ed. Jorge A. Capote, Daniel Alvear), Santander oct. 21st 2011, Universitad de Cantabria, pp. 209-222

Carattin E., Orientamento spaziale e wayfinding. Il caso specifico delle aree di interesse archeologico e culturale (Spatial orientation and wayfinding. The specific case of archaeological and cultural areas), in Garofolo I., Conti C. (Ed.) Accessibiltà e valorizzazione dei beni culturali. Temi per la progettazione di luoghi e spazi per tutti (Accessibility and usability of cultural heritage areas. Guidelines for the design of places and spaces for all), Franco Angeli, Milano, 2012, pp. 94-100.

Selected talks
Carattin E., “Emergency Wayfinding: Research Informing Design Decisions” – at the SEGD Airport and Transportation Workshop, Phoenix, AR, USA, Oct. 3-4, 2013

Carattin E., “The Integration of Controlled Evacuation into Human Behavioral Models: Case Studies from Complex Buildings” - at The 2013 LRET Global Technical Leadership Seminar in Fire Safety Engineering, BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering, University of Edinburgh (UK), April 28th – May 3rd 2013

Carattin E., “Comunicazione e Progetto” (Environmental Communication and Design), University of Trieste, Italy, Department of Architecture, October 31st 2012.

Carattin E., “Wayfinding e orientamento. Strumenti di Progetto per l’Ambiente Costruito” (Spatial Orientation and Wayfinding. Desing Tools for Improving Environmental’s quality) University of Cagliari, Italy, Department of Architecture, May 21st, 2012.

Carattin E., “Wayfinding per le aree di interesse storico e culturale” (How to improve wayfinding in heritage areas) at the Workshop “Progettazione per il turismo accessibile. Orizzonti Aquileiesi” (Desing Strategies for Accessible Tourism in the archaeological area of Aquileia, Italy). Universities of Udine and Trieste. Aquileia, Italy, June 29th, 2011.


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