EGD in Transit: Design for Moving People

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What you will Learn:
This podcast from 2013 focuses specifically on the current trends and state of transportation based EGD projects in North America with a focus on Rail.

•Learn about the planning process for integrating EGD into regional railway projects
•Understand how brand can be implemented throughout projects to create a sense of identity and place
•Discover the challenges and rewards involved with undertaking work in this area of practice

Questions Answered:
•How do you deal with brand hierarchy?
•What techniques or processes have you worked out to design the best signage locations in order to connect the dots in a transportation system?
•Do you see transportation as being a continuing practice for you?
•What is changing in this practice area and how are you adapting to these changes?

Course Materials:
2 PDF Presentation files and one webinar mp4 file

Approximately 85 minutes

•Andrew Kuzyk, entro
•Chris Calori, Calori & Vanden-Eynden Design Consultants




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