EGD in Healthcare Environments: Children’s Hospitals

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What you will Learn:
The Wayfinding and placemaking strategies of two hospital systems with different approaches are discussed in this Podcast.

Seattle Children's Hospital
Articulating the brand
Dealing with different zones
Dealing with regional identities
Art in Wayfinding

Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital
Design of information in a visually active environment
Design in hospital's is also about hospitality - the notion of delighting visitors and patients
Interior and exterior wayfinding
Landmarks and patient room ID
Working with in-house sign shops

Questions Answered:
•How was the artwork applied to the walls and in which parts of the hospital?
•To what extent did the artwork/graphics continue past the main level of the hospital?
•What role did the designers play in the survey process to build the wayfinding to maximize efficiency?
•How does the Artwork system relate to the external wayfinding?
•What was the process to arrive at the building color identities?
•Who was responsible for choosing the fabricator for the sign and graphics?
•Are the patient room signs off the shelf products?
•What product was used on the floor artwork and were they integral to the flooring?
•How was the emergency department incorporated into the artwork theme and zones?

Course Materials:
One PDF presentation and one Audio file.

Approximately 73:00 minutes

Mark Sanders, Cynthia Hall | Studio SC
Robert Brengman, Mark VanderKlipp | Corbin Design




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