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SEGD’s Education programs include conferences, workshops, and webinars spanning a wide swath of design practice areas, including branded environments, exhibition and experience design, technology and interactive experiences, user experience, healthcare, practice and technical topics, wayfinding, accessibility, and the business of design.

SEGD publications, including the academic journal Communication + Place, the award-winning eg magazine, and white papers published on topics including accessibility and sustainability, also advance SEGD's educational mission.

In addition to its professional development initiatives, SEGD also focuses on academic education, actively collaborating with and providing outreach to design programs at internationally recognized colleges and universities.


While advanced degree programs (M. Design, M.S. Design, MFA) with a focus on EGD have emerged at a handful of academic institutions in the last decade, the language and practice of EGD as well as EGD thinking has been integrated into many design curriculum as a facet of an overall design education experience for nearly 20 years at dozens of institutions. The wide majority of these courses are typically offered as elective style courses by adjunct and lecture faculty who are engaged in EGD practice and support the dialogue between practice and education.


SEGD Academic Summits

2017 SEGD Academic Summit Miami
2016 SEGD Academic Summit Seattle
2015 SEGD Academic Summit Chicago
2014 SEGD Academic Summit Atlanta
2013 SEGD Academic Summit San Francisco
2012 SEGD Academic Summit New York
2011 SEGD Academic Summit Montreal
2010 SEGD Academic Summit Washington DC
2009 SEGD Academic Summit San Diego

Academic Task Force

SEGD organizes its support for education through a representative on the Board of Directors who leads a task force to organize the Academic Summit and review submissions for papers and presentations, as well as evolve the set of core competencies to prepare educators and designers to be successful upon emergence into professional practice.

2017-2018 Academic Task Force

Neat Verma, University of Notre Dame
Neeta Verma
Christina Lyons, professor and chairperson, Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design at FIT
Christina Lyons
Angela Iarocci, Professor Sheridan College
Angela Iarocci
Katie Davis-Sayles
Joell Angel-Chumbley, Creative Lead, Kolar Design, CIncinnati
Joell Angel-Chumbley
George-Lim SEGD Denver Chapter Chair, Tangram
George Lim
Justin Molloy SEGD
Justin Molloy

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Director of Education
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Academic Journal

2017 SEGD Communication + Place Design Research Journal Link
2018 SEGD Academic Summit

2018 SEGD Academic Summit
Minneapolis: 06.6.18
Deadline : 03.2.18
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