The Economics and Dynamics of Digital Electronic Sign Systems

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What you will Learn:
The most important aspect of developing dynamic systems is developing the technical delivery system. This lecture covers the basics: systems components, narrowcasting, content design and upkeep, and integrating electronic signs into an overall environmental graphic design project.
The second half of this lecture will cover the economics of the electronic sign. How far can we go today to integrate these signs into our projects today for retail, transportation, sports, and corporate and what makes sense to hold off until later. This will include a cost model for electronic signs that include power, wiring, content development and upkeep.

•System Components
•Operational Components
•Emerging Technologies
•Economic model for digital signage

Questions Answered:
•Is digital signage helping or hindering traffic flow?
•Are there any case studies available to demonstrate the effectiveness of these systems?

Course Materials:
•One Audio file and One PDF Presentation

•Approximately 66:00 minutes

•Don Fisher, Talisman Interactive
•Craig Johnson, Talisman Interactive
•Bill Phillips, East Coast Sign


Presented December 16, 2004

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