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Eaton Workshop is a mission-driven global hospitality company dedicated to shaping a better world based on values of inclusivity and equity, providing a platform that holds space for belonging, expression, and collective change. This foundational mission guides all Eaton enterprises: Hotel, House, Wellness, Culture, Media, and Impact. Diverging from the typical industry model that prioritizes profit without regard for people and planet, Eaton Workshop sees hospitality as a conduit to catalyzing broader social transformation by building physical and digital spaces for kindred spirits to collaborate, commune, and create change.

We prioritize impact through a holistic lens that is grounded in building community and nurturing the arts. We undertake this mission with humility, compassion, integrity, and accountability. We have come a long way, and we have further to go. We continually self-examine and reflect on how our path aligns with our mission and values, seeking out constructive opportunities for growth within our organization so that we cultivate transformative change both within our doors and in our surrounding communities, ecosystems, and world.

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