Earl Lee

Earl Lee, Moody Nolan

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Earl Lee brings more than 15 years of experience to the project team.  Earl’s understanding of the finite details of design and technology as relates to the built environment, how a brand plays out from its identity to signage and wayfinding add value to each and every collaborative team.  His strategic approach and utmost attention to detail have helped ensure that design solutions can be both innovative and cost effective.

As part of a collaborative team with developers, real estate professionals, architects and interior designers, Earl Lee has helped develop everything from comprehensive signage guidelines and Master Plans to concepts in a design-build format to main identity signage.

As Director of Environmental Design, Earl Lee has the opportunity to lead interdisciplinary projects in the fields of urban planning, landscape architecture, corporate identity and structural architecture. He is passionate about challenging the relationship between man-made structures and the surrounding environment, to design/develop innovative infrastructures all the while taking into account functional, economic and ecological needs. His portfolio includes but is not limited to: commercial buildings, conceptual interiors, exhibits design and residential structures.

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