EAMS Surpasses 100,000 Managed Signs

EAMS Surpasses 100,000 Managed Signs

Recently, EAMS (Environmental Asset Management System) surpassed 100,000 surveyed and managed signs, spread across nearly 4,000 plans and over 20 million square feet, making it one of the most quickly growing surveying tools on the market. EAMS is an advanced, cloud-based application built specifically for the needs of the wayfinding industry. With this high-tech application, site surveyors and planners can easily register, label, and find existing signage, and ensure that each site plan is well-documented and fully complete.

Necessity was the mother of invention for EAMS—there was no comprehensive sign management solution available to site surveyors. Traditional planning techniques such as handwritten or typed notes, scattershot photos, and inaccurate floor plans made the process of creating and posting accurate signage incredibly difficult. And while EAMS was developed as an in-house solution, the team behind it has released it to the public—in hopes that it will help address problems that others in the wayfinding industry are experiencing.

Mustard Square, the team behind EAMS, continues to innovate – beacon integration was incorporated earlier this year, and a next-generation software release with upgrade features will be available in Q4 2017.

More information available at mustardsquare.com

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